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Week 87-January 23, 2017

Week 87-January 23, 2017

Dover is the place to be! It has been FREEZING this week but elder Webb and I have been working hard and we have some people to teach now! 

We met a english guy last week and kept in touch and got to see him and his family (wife and newborn son) last night with a great member of the ward. They seem pretty interested, it was exciting! it was Elder Webb's first solid lesson, all the other lessons this week have been in the street or in someones home unexpectedly so it was awesome to have a scheduled solid lesson with a member present. their names are Alex and Emily and thier kid is Eddie. We have some lessons set up for this upcoming week and we are still planning to keep the pedal to the metal and keep finding. little by little catch a monkey! 

other than that, just a few cool things. we met a member who is pretty less active but shes got 2 kids (middle aged) living with her who arent members. we stopped by and met them, and her son ended up saying he'd be interested in having the discussions. great dude. excited to teach them. hope to get two birds in one stone, bring the mom back and help her son come with her! not to mention he made us some delicious hot cocoa. His name is Mark. 

met a woman who has had luikemia out of nowhere since the summertime and could die pretty much anytime. she has two kids, aged 5 and 4 and a husband we havent met yet. she said this situation has brought her questions about God to the forefront of her mind so she said we can come back and teach her. Very excited to  help this young family learn about the possibilities of their family being together forever. her name is Rachel and her kids are Alice and Cameron. 

heres my invitation this week: see if you can reach out to someone at church who doesnt talk to many people this week... there are a lot of them and you never know what they may be going through or if if it was difficult for them to decide to come out to church and need a friend!

Love you all. The church is true. God will bless us and guide us to the people in Dover who need the gospel! its a blessing just to be here on a mission. some days i just feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be in England doing this. 

Elder Jensen
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This was on elder webbs first day in England! Waiting for the train to Dover, we ran into the wards HIgh priest group leader and he took a pic to post on the wards Facebook page and this is the pic.

Our friend Brian who accepted a baptismal date but has since said he's not interested... bummer. RIP Brian

Shoutout to Dad's mission! 

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