Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 84-January 2, 2017

Week 84-January 2, 2017

Not much to report this week seeing as i saw you all just a few days
ago!... life is still good and elder Metcalf and I are really excited
for this upcoming week because a lot of our investigators have been
away and busy this past week or two. We also have MLC and one of the
area authorities will be visiting for it and then we have ZOne meeting
as well so we will be having lots of chances to learn from our leaders
this week.

It was so good to see you all on Christmas. You have no idea how
nervous I got even this time before skyping you all. I love you guys
and it is just difficult for me to see you all and know I will be with
you again soon! I can't believe how much each of the kids have grown.
Good luck to you all in school this semester! And Lydia let me know
when you find out about byu!!!

The work is good... we are teaching a few people who speak mostly
Spanish so My little Spanish has been getting stretched to the limits
lately. Angela showed me a FB message  from mom and I just about wet
my trousers. Hahahahaha it was so funny to see her messaging mom! The
boys are recovering from their operation.

We have had some problems in the zone with obedience and overall
diligence and we are working hard to help them get their feet back
underneath them now that holidays are over. I think it took a toll on
a lot of missionaries.

Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts! I loved them. I have worn
the byu sweatshirt almost every night and already finished the
toffee-ettes and the cereal. You are the best fam ever.

Fun fact: one of the guys me and Elder Burgess taught (Jeffrey) was
still meeting with the missionaries in America during his university
semester and then in Colchester this past month and doing well but his
mother visited from Ghana and she is a staunch catholic and was very
angry to hear he had been meeting with missionaries and reading the
Book of Mormon. He told the missionaries he wouldn't be able to meet
anymore and I'm not sure what will happen but elder Burgess and I will
do our best to keep encouraging him and keep in touch.

Sam told me his parents are going on a mission soon! Holy cow!

Love you all, have a great week back at school! Remember to be a light
to all around you! It's more important what God thinks of you then
what your friends and peers think of you.

Elder Jensen

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