Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 82-December 19, 2016

Week 82-December 19, 2016 

sorry I have no time this week but I will talk to you guys at 5 pm
London time this sunday! Cass and Agapi didn't get baptised...
Angela's family strongly objected so it's been postponed.. please pray
for them!

Love y'all tons

Elder Jensen

P.s. Have a great Christmas Eve :)

Mom, "Really? No time???"
Taylor responds:
The trouble is we had a bunch of lessons today and all the time vanished... 

I can try to write some while we take a bus to our next lesson and send it n our way home.

Angela's mom and sisters and brothers got really angry that she was going to let her sons be baptised before she did herself so we prayed and fasted and she felt that god wanted her to wait and not compromise all of her family relationships. Here's the miracle- during the whole process of this happenening, Angela has gained a very strong conviction that this is really the true church of Jesus Christ and is determined to have the whole family baptised as soon as possible. She's got a lot of faith... 

We had a Christmas zone conference this past week and we had the responsibility of planning all the fun activities. It was good and everyone had fun. I got your package and can't wait to open it Sunday! 

I've been having a really sore throat and lost my voice this past weekend but hopefully it'll be gone by Sunday

Sherree got confirmed and all is well with her

Not much else to say I think..  I just can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. I'll see you in a week though! 

Elder Jensen 

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