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Week 85-January 9, 2017

Week 85-January 9, 2017

Dear J-squad:

It sounds like winter break 2016-17 for the jsquad was legendary from all those pictures and all your stories. I hope Grandma and Grandpa Schramm are doing well! 

SO its moves week so im gunna be really brief. This past week was pretty great- we got to see a teach quite a bit and met a huge new family. They are from portugal and sao tome (a portugese speaking island off the coast of africa). me and another elder had met the mother and daughter on the tube on exchange the week previous and set an appointment and this past monday when we went to visit, her brother and her nephew and their families were all home as well, so we taught the whole gang! then we went and taught her brother and his family seperately later in the week and they accepted to be baptised in february. he had gone to the church in portugal and loved it and could feel the difference between our church and others. he also loved the emphasis on family, being a family man himself. it was exciting. we taught the original mom again as well but didnt have a portugese speaking member with us so it was a bit rough. 

angela and her boys came to church and...... i went back to where they were sitting when the testimony portion began and i asked cass and agapi if they wanted to bear their testimonies. cass didnt but agapi said ok so i went up with him and he did an awesome job. ill send the video seperately cause elder metcalf recorded it. 

quick miracle as well: a couple weeks ago we met a guy on a tube whose family members were members. i may have mentioned this last week. his mother in particular is a recent convert herself and moved here a couple months ago. she didnt know how to get to a church close to her and doesnt speak english and had been praying for a way to go to church when we met her son. we went over and visited and this sunday we travelled with her to the church and she was extremely happy to be at church. as she sat there in sacrament meeting i saw her crying. she said in tears later that it wasnt an accident we met her son. she was so happy to have found the church and it was a touching experience to see how God answers prayers. 

Sherree fasted and loved it!

Lydia: MLC went great and so did Zone meeting! we had a training about having faith that there are  people are ready for the gospel and asked sherree and another recent convert in the zone to send us a video of them sharing their experience meeting the missionaries and it was powerful when we watched the videos in zone meeting. ill attach sherree's vid! 

so the big news......

I am leaving Lea Valley ward and going to Dover, close to the coast where i will be training a new missionary. im super pumped for this new assignment. im looking forward to the challenge and excited to be with a brand new missionary... any predictions where he will be from? my guess is canada.

Love you guys. The church is true and God is real! 

yours truly
Elder Jensen

6) Rosa- the woman from the Dominican Republic we helped find the church

1) elder mthombeni! reunion of London North ZL's

2) a guy named LLoyd we tuaght

3, 4, 5) the London North Zone

7, 8,9) saying goodbye to Angela's family yesterday

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