Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 33-January 11, 2016

Week 33-January 11, 2016
First week of transfer number 6!

Hey fam! It is so good to hear all the amazing things everyone is
doing. Man it blows me away sometimes. Lydia, thanks for the prayers
for those people! It means a lot to me. Natalie, I sent you a separate
email but happy birthday again :) and Mandy, I am so glad to hear that
toffee is doing well. Don't worry about the tryouts, I'm sure you were
great for your first time! And besides, softball is a girls sport...
Hahahaha I'm just kidding but I'll bet you'll have a lot of fun and
even if it takes some time to get better, that's alright! I still suck
at a lot of things I've been doing for ages, like waking up on time!
Don't let it bother you. Ben, sounds like a boring week but I'm glad
you found that lizard and turned down dads bet. Usually he wins cause
he's smart. Did you guys play any monopoly over the holidays? Ashley,
I'm jealous that you're going Australia! I am praying for you, finish
strong! I'm glad grandma and grandpa are doing ok and that you are
figuring out how to help them out. They must be glad to be seeing
their kids but I hope they get better really soon. Send them my love!
They are in my prayers too. Dad, I can't believe yiwei and Amanda are
doing so well! Are the missionaries in our ward sisters still or do we
have any elders? The guy in my ward who served in the Arcadia ward 20
years ago told me it was dead in terms of missionary work cause it's
all older people and now I can see why that must have been so hard.
I'm sure the missionaries are so thankful to you for giving them
someone to teach.

Quick update is that this week we had MLC and our zone meeting and
that inbetween all of that, Nagaret is doing wonderfully and her
family arrives here from Portugal this Wednesday and her husband has
given her consent to be baptised so she is doing great! We will meet
the family later this week and I really want to teach them so they can
join her and their family can be united in her decision. She gave up
coffee in one day I was so proud of her. Also, Christiana is doing so
so so well. We hardly even teach her... She is so prepared to receive
the true gospel. Everything we teach her she says makes such sense to
her. When me and a member, Ben, taught her about tithing and the word
of wisdom after church yesterday, she said it'd be super hard to give
up coffee but she is willing to do it because she trusts us and knows
that she will have to live it to know if it is truly a commandment
from God. I had her read John 7:17 and I think that helped her see and
decide to do it. I am praying so hard she will be able to keep reading
and praying amongst being a single mother and starting her company and
I am amazed at how incredible she is. Mom, Michael sort of just
drifted away. I saw him in town the other day but he didn't show up to
a couple appointments and we got so frustrated finally that we stopped
contacting him. I text him once in a while though... We'll see. We
were so blessed this week and saw so many miracles that my testimony
that this is the Lord's work and we can't really accomplish it without
His help was strengthened so much. This is His church and His gospel!

Love you all so much!!!

Elder J swazzles

We made a funny pic to send to our zone... Then reenacted it at zone
meeting! It was hilarious cause our missionaries fit their characters
so insanely well! Here they are:

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 32-January 4, 2016

Week 32-January 5, 2016
Transfers week

You guys had such awesome holidays.... Super awesome stuff yo. Can't
wait for J-semite 2017.

I am super low on motivation to write much this week I'm sorry but I
will do my best to summarise. We just got our transfer news so I am
staying here in Basildon with elder Hesen which means I am sending him
home in 6 weeks, this is his last transfer. We are teaching a couple
of really great people. We will see how they do. If you want to pray
for someone pray for Christiana and Nagaret and John and Leanne.

Hmm.. Ok so in other news we had a good week. This morning we met with
a mother named Cari and her one year old daughter Ivy and she accepted
a baptismal date so we are very excited about her. Christiana is on
date to be baptised on the 31st and Nagaret wants to be baptised soon-
we are still ironing out the details though because her family is
moving from Portugal to here in Basildon next week.

The zone is going to see some change this next transfer because we are
getting some new missionaries. Excited about that but I will really
miss the ones who are leaving. I have really grown to love them
especially the ones who are leaving. The rain is really coming down
lately here in England. It's also getting really cold again... I am
counting my blessings cause being in a car helps a lot.

The more I learn about and come to know the Saviour and his teachings
and his life, the more I believe in Him. Everything ties back to Him
and our message is indeed centred on Jesus Christ. He was the greatest
example we will ever have so follow Him and things will work out.

Miss you all so much. I send my love and prayers. Keep reppin the J-squad.

Elder Jensen

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 31-December 28, 2015

Week 31-December 28, 2015
I just spoke to you all so not much to report but love you all!
Thought id send a couple of pictures cause I know mom likes them

This is me and my super good friend Elder Murri. We did a white elephant exchange at a bug zone conference for Christmas and I got his gift... It's a drawing and I read what it said to everyone and everyone was dying with laughter cause on the bottom it says that "there's more where this came from if you go to the dance with me" and then president asked who it was from and he raised his hand and we are really good friends so it was hilarious. 

Bishop had us over for a FHE and this is his beloved "chocolate game"

Me and Ekder Hesen and the Sister Training Leaders in our zone. Me and elder Hesen had to deliver some last minute Christmas gifts to the zone so we picked up some cheap Santa suits and did it in style

This is our Bishop. Hands down the most amazing guy! He does so much for us... We are going to frame this and give it to him! Hahahaha he's like a real life Santa