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Week 88-January 30. 2017

Week 88-January 30. 2017

Happy Birthday Lydia!!! It sounds like you will have a great time celebrating so have fun! You are an irreplacable part of our family .. ill celebrate with you at byu next year since ill miss this birthday. love you sis!

Im going to be breif cause im almost out of time. 

This week our highlight was teaching the young family Alex and Emily and their son Eddie again this week. They have been praying as a couple every night and felt a difference- it was so exciting to see they had kept their commitments. they understood the Restoration really well also. Elder Webb did a great job teaching too! He is doing really well. 

There was a man who got baptised this sunday in the Deal ward (our ward) and adam came to church and decided to be baptised as well. we gave him the date of March 12th because he has to give up smoking first and he has slight learning disabilities so we gave him some time. 

other than that, we had a cool miracle of a slovakian family we had met earlier approaching us on the road asking for a slovakian book of mormon. we brought them one and they were very grateful! 

also, a member had met someone and invited them to church so we met her this sunday and hopefully will teach her soon. The Lord has been mindful of us!

There was a worldwide devotional for all missionaries and they changed our schedules and key indicators so it has been an interesting week. i like the changes though theyre good. 

love you all. This week I felt very close to the Saviour. We had a lot of bad rejection and ran into some nasty people and it took a lot to keep myself calm and let it go each time it happened. But in hindsight I realize how much it helped me this week feel closer to Christ as people persecuted us for representing Him. I love Him and I am proud to represent Him- the Saviour and Redeemer of us all. What a privilege.. Hurrah for Israel! 

Elder Jensen

brother Tony. One of a kind

Elder Webb with his new pet snake named cuddles

A less active family we are teaching.. the Gowings

Our sink clogged so we bought some high power acid and it said we needed clothing protection, eye protection, and hand protection so I knew just what to use!!! Thanks guys :) life is all about the sauce.

Our district

Elder Webb likes bacon ... 

There's an AWESOME family just up the road a bit here in Dover who feeds us often and has kids and they gave us this after a dinner appointment last week cause they knew it was the end of the month and money gets tight for food hahahahaha.. so nice of them.

I don't think Adam is used to having three whole hours of church.. He is a true champion though He has been quitting smoking and is making great progress

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