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Week 86-January 16, 2017

Week 86-January 16, 2017

Dear familia,

here is the news from Dover: Ill start with my companion. His name is Elder Matthew Webb, and he's from kaesville, utah. He is a tennis player, science olympiad, and a photographer. Most importantly though his testimony is very strong- he loves the Saviour very much and its easy to see that that is why he is here on his mission. He is a very funny guy and has a great sense of humor and is willing to work his hardest and be obedient so I am excited to serve with him.

We have had a great time so far doing street contacting, tracting, and visiting the members of the ward. We have a vision for our area this transfer and our goal is to help the members find people to teach. All my mission I have struggled to know how to help members do missionary work, I think I just completely relied on my own efforts to find people. But ever since I heard I was coming here, i felt a strong prompting that this was the what the Lord wanted us to do here. since we both are new to the area we have nobody to teach at the moment except for a few people we have found this past week. None of them are solid yet but I have faith that we will have success here as we work with the ward, work our hardest with all the rest of our time, and trust the Lord to do the work. 

About the area: we have a nice flat. its more like a vacation house to be honest. I love it! upstairs and downstairs. we drive a car, same kind i used to drive in Basildon except with out turbo. The area is the most southern part of the mission and is along the coast. The people here are mostly english, with a lot of eastern europeans as well. as we drove by the coast one day, we saw france across the ocean. Thats how close we are! check the map- its crazy. its tempting to pop over for a croissant and a quick peep of the eiffel tower. but seriously.. the area is BEAUTIFUL. dad would love it- theres tons of grass. I feel like a knight sometimes cause there are huge hills and valleys and a huge castle right next to us. its called the dover castle. ill send pics another week. 

the ward: a nice smallish english ward. not many foreigners- its quite a shock coming from Lea Valley! but its got some great members who have already shown us a lot of support. 

anyways, change is always good and I am learning to love the Saviour even more. I have found myself praying a lot more often and thinking of Him more frequently while serving here. I think I have been humbled coming from a very large teaching pool and busy schedule teaching a lot in london to dover where we are starting from scratch. i know we wont be able to have success unless we rely on Him and I am excited for what I will learn and the miracles we will see here. funny how that tends to happen, just when you think everything is under control and you know what you are doing. President Stevens is an inspired leader and I am grateful to him for this assignment. 

anyways, i keep getting emails from return missionaries from this mission and past companions who are home and friends whwo are home now  and they all say how much they miss their missions. I am determined not to waste a minute.

 This church is true and Jesus Christ is able to change people's lives and make bad men good, and good men better. I  know He lives and He has paid the price of our sins. And boy am I glad that He is able to turn our weaknesses into strengths because Ive got more than a few of those I still need his help with. I love you all!

Elder Jensen

good luck at school kids! and ash! and lydia, i testify that the scriptures are true. Only the weak need vegetables. 


Me and Elder Webb.. The Elders Jebb! 

Tried to take a selfie with someone we were trying to set an appointment with but they dodged the camera...

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