Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 81-December 12, 2016

Week 81-December 12, 2016
Sherree got baptised!

Cassi and Agapi should be getting baptised this Sunday without Angela
because her and Paulo can't get married until spring/ summertime due
to family in Angola... I'm so excited for them!! I love those two.

Grace and Amos (the Ghanaian family) are doing GREAT and came to
church late again but stayed for Sherree's baptism and really enjoyed
it. They are doing really well. We are seeing them tonight!

Elder Metcalf is awesome! Dad I think you're right... #blessed

Love you all so much. See you soon!

Mom, I don't know what church will be like for you guys on Christmas
but we will have an hour service at 10 our time and be somewhere with
Internet by 1 probably and then we can do anytime between 1 and 7 ish.
So ... can you respond ASAP to let me know what time will work for you

Sherree and her mother and us straight posin' in front of the chapel 

Elder Mthombeni making a special appearance! (Skype) 

The Lea Valley Christmas party... us and Sherree with Santa. #noagelimit

Zone meeting

Elder Metcalf's idea of a sweet zone pic

DA Boiz after a pancake breakfast / Cassi and agapi's baptismal interviews sat morning. I showed them how to play the whipped cream trick and it went everywhere 

aptism selfie plus our relief society president Sis Ojukwu

Sherree's little sister and mother to the right of her. They liked church!

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