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Week 91-February 20, 2017

Week 91-February 20, 2017

Hi family! It was neat to hear about all your adventures and
excitements from this past week.

Life here has been great. We had a crazy week to say the least. One of
the elders in the other companionship in our ward had to get emergency
transferred and we ended up being in a trio this past week, covering
both areas. It was a blast. I did a lot of driving to be sure. We were
still able to keep things running fairly smoothly though and life went
on and all is well. The missionary we got in our companionship is an
old friend of mine who was in our zone back in Ipswich, Elder Cumming
from New Zealand.

Jamie and Carly are doing great! No mom they are English not Slovakian
and yes dad they progressed a LOT this week! We taught them the word
of wisdom early on and to our surprise, since we had started teaching
them they had already cut down from 60-80 cigarettes a day to 20, and
the day after we taught them, they smoked less than 10. Carly is
having a tough time giving up tea but making good progress in that as
well. It was so neat to see that Carly even bought a dress last week
to wear to church. We had dinner with them at the Clue's house on
Friday and played games and had a lesson and at church sister clue
took care of and entertained both their young ones along with her own
little daughter; she is amazing. She was like a mother hen and it
allowed Carly and Jamie to focus on the sacrament meeting! Our gospel
principles class was excellent as well. Quick side story is that the
other Elders had been teaching a woman named Pauline who got baptised
Saturday and she testified a lot to Jamie and Carly in gospel
principles about the difference in their family ever since her
daughter and then a year later herself had been baptised. Also, the
cherry on top was that a member who had taught them with us a while
ago spoke in sacrament meeting and welcomed them from the pulpit and
encouraged everyone to make them as welcome as they had made him
welcome in their home. So it was a good Sunday and they enjoyed it
very much. They read the Book of Mormon scriptures we assigned them
every night last week.

So the big news is that elder Cumming is leaving tomorrow so they will
whitewash his area and elder Webb is also leaving to serve in outer
London and I will be training another new missionary. I am sad to say
goodbye to Elder Webb; he is a smart, diligent, humble, and courageous
missionary and I have been so happy this last transfer as we served
together. However although I'm sad I'm also proud of him and the
progress he's made so quickly so I'm excited for him. Also excited to
get a new greenie.

The mission is so good. Sam and I wrote each other about how much we
are thankful for it so far and how different our lives will be in the
future because of them; I just want to give everything I can before I
finish. I know the gospel is true and every sacrifice for the Lord and
His work is worth it.

I love you all,

Elder Jensen

My Valentine's Day breakfast for elder Webb while he showered. Notice the principles from the missionary lessons mentioned on the paper - "law of chastity/love" etc. Hahaha. 

Matching ties w Elder Cumming my companion for a week.

Pauline and her daughter who was baptised a year ago. Such a touching story! Great baptism; she was so happy the entire time. 

Found a pretty sweet viewpoint next to an appointment we had in Westgate. 

As the ward named us this last week, "the three nephites" just nowhere as cool as the actual three nephites. 

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