Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 89-February 6, 2017

Week 89-February 6, 2017

Dear mom and dad,

Anywhere would be fine if we have a car, as long as it's in London, we can take the tube to get around within London pretty easily. Now that I think about it, renting a car might not be the best option. It might be cheaper to use the tube and buses... but we would want the car to go to the other areas I'd guess. Like Basildon Dover or Colchester. Not sure what the best option would be. Unless.. Probably...... yea it might be best to get a car for a couple of the days and then use the public transport within London for a day or two to see the sights and visit Lea Valley. Elder Withers and I saw each other this week and I suggested we both go to Colchester with his parents as well for one of the days. He liked that idea- maybe we could do that? Dunno. 

In other news, man... I can't believe how fast its coming either. 

We had a zone pday today so I didn't have time to write much about the week, no big news though. 

Love you all!!! 

"What a team!"
Sent by Dover Ward mission leader, David Boyson

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