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Week 90-February 13, 2017

Week 90-February 13, 2017
news from Dovakia

Good morning J-squad! (itll be morning when you see this)

It was so good to hear about Grandpa and Lourdes; and that's exciting that theyre serving a mission! what type is it? seeing as theyre serving from home it must be about family history or something im guessing? anyways thats so neat. i wish i could have been there to see them. 

Other than that, i was sorry to hear lydia has been sick. sounds like a good week otherwise though. the explanation for the subject is that this LA guy we've been teaching said he calls Dover Dovakia when we told him about how many Slovakians we have met. pretty funny. Reminded me of Arcasia so i told him about that and he had a nice chuckle. 

The good news: Jamie and Carly came to church with Evie and Alfie their two kids! they really enjoyed it. Carly said this week that since she has begun praying each night, she feels a really good feeling and believes someone is listening now. This is small but significant; she has been athiest all her life. It was her first time coming to church too, and she said it was really nice and she wants to go again! Jamie of course is really happy with all that we have been teaching him and already believes everything we tell him about the Restoration etc. I think he's partly so happy that we have helped Carly to believe in Christ after 6 years of failed attempts on his part so he is gladly accepting anything we tell him. it was super stressful sunday morning getting htem to church cause we missed the bus and had to call some members to get the carseats for the kids and find a lift but we made it in the end and to top it all off, as they left church that afternoon, they invited us to come to their house for some homemade chicken burgers that evening. good indication they enjoyed it! evie was pretty antsy during sacrament meeting but we just drew pictures together on my ipad the whole time which was good. then the highlight....... I got to teach the ctr class with one of the other missionaries and thats the class that Evie went to and also some other little kids in the ward i love. it was really nice and also touching to see their unquestioning belief and trust in the Saviour- our lesson was about faith in Jesus Christ. I now really hope that one day i get to serve in the primary. i think that would be the best. 

Other than that, one funny story is that elder webb and I baked cookies while doing our weekly planning cause it was snowing and it seemed like a good idea. we delivered them to the members in dover and they turned out super good actually. while in the process of baking and planning, our nigerian investigator called and we had a long discussion with him over the phone exchanging scriptures and arguing the need of priesthood authority and the reality of the Great Apostasy and it ended with us basically agreeing there would be no point in meeting any more. if that was the worst news itd be manageable although very sad but on top of that, because of the phone call, we burned like 30 cookies. ouch. salt to the wound. 

This week I have continued studying the New Testament and Jesus the Christ when I have time to spare. I am amazed at the amount of love I feel for the Saviour the more I learn of Him. you hear things like that from people all your childhood and growing up but until I have started studying so much about Him throughout my mission i never guessed I would be the one saying that too. How grateful we should all be for Him; He is the reason I am here doing the work I am doing and for that I wake up grateful for each day I have here. I know He lives and I urge you all to read more about Him this week and see how your faith in Him grows. I love you guys and hope your week is awesome. dont go crazy on valentines day and thanks for the package... some of the missionaries i am good friends with saw the package from Mom and the hearts she put on the outside and were laughing and said that's how you can tell I don't have much time on my mission left. but really.. thanks for all the notes. they were so fun to read.

Elder Jensen

the Cantebury Cathedral; oldest Saxon church in england im pretty sure. built in 1070 or something.

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