Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 92-February 28, 2017

Week 92-February 28, 2017

I've got a Japanese companion! 

That's the big news because besides that our area hasn't seen much excitement this week. We found a new english family but haven't taught them since our first lesson so I'm not sure theyre really interested. Jamie and Carly are doing alright- poor Jamie was up all night sick saturday night so they couldn't make it to church unfortunately... that was really sad but it was out of anyone's control. The only big update is that Carly has chosen the date of their wedding to be the 15th of April- very exciting! the Relief Society has agreed to help with the reception. 

So here's the lowdown about my new companion: his name is Elder Yamada and he is from Fukui, Japan. He is awesome! im out of time. but his testimony is rock solid. he speaks good english but not great conversational speed so we are working on his English. he is a great kid. im excited to be his companion- i have learned a lot about faith and humility from him already. 

Love you guys. thanks for all the continual support and love. dont know where id be without you. 

Elder Jensen

The clue family. So good to us. 

My little friend Hannah- we are best buddies

Our district overlooking the white cliffs of Dover . We could see France! 

The lads! The wind was insane! 

Me and my companion, Elder Yamada. Coninchiwa!

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