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Week 75-October 31, 2016

Week 75-October 31, 2016

Hello family! 

thanks for the emails. loved hearing about all the volleyball games, performances, halloween festivities, soccer games, and science conferences.

lots to say ill get straight to it

Pawel got confirmed on sunday (last week was stake conference thats why it took so long) and because elder mthombeni's throat was sore, i confirmed him. I hadnt gotten a chance to look at the wording youre supposed to say but i think the spirit gave me confidence and the words seemed to come out and then the blessing was a touching spriitual experience for me. i felt a portion of what Heavenly Father felt about him and all the sacrifices and changes he had made to follow the feelings he had that had led him to this point. i usually never remember and of the things i say in blessings but this time i remembered everything long enough to write them down while sitting in sacrament meeting. i gave it to the member who speaks both polish and english and she said she would translate it for Pawel. he was called as a ward missionary after church- he came out of bishops office and was grinning and looked so happy when he walked up to us and told us he was a missionary now hahaha. what a stud! 

ill have to be shorter with this- other miracle was that this week we taught sheree again and then she texted me out of the blue one day and said she couldnt accept our beliefs and be baptised and wanted to sever contact.  i texted and called and prayed and eventually her heart was softened enough to let us meet her on saturday. it turns out she had read tons of anti mormon material on the internet. we felt like book of mormon prophets exhorting and persuading and pleading will all the energy of our hearts. she had previously read up to 1 nephi 4 and told us she felt peaceful and calm- and that the whole day after reading she had felt happy! so happy she kept telling her sister. i think this was why we were so persistent in not letting her go. the great news is that she is doing well again and reading still and still willing to meet with us! without a doubt i know it was an answer to our prayers.

another sweet thing! Angela came to church with all 3 of her boys!!! the hilarious thing was that i called her sunday morning an hour before church starts because she had told us not to come to their house to make sure they came like we did the last time. when i called her, she just told me they werent coming. i was SO heartbroken cause we had been teaching her this past week and everything was going so well. then she called me back a few seconds later and said laughing, "see you in an hour- were getting ready" i couldnt believe it. and sure enough, they came and ive never seen such a beautiful sight :) angela even wore a dress- the one concern she had with coming to church is that she didnt like wearing skirts and felt uncomfortable wearing trousers. she said "when God asks you to do something you can always do it." when i commented on her dress. what a champ. this past week agupe (her 9 year old son) taught us all about the great apostasy, the priesthood, and jospeh smith and the golden plates and peter james and john giving joseph the priesthood. it was incredible- he had been studying the pamphlet we gave him. 

another funny story/ miracle combined was that fernando's wife and son came to church after teaching them again this week. she texted me at 8 sunday morning and said they didnt know about the clocks going back an hour but they were already waiting for us. hahaha so we went to church extra early with them. 

our friend Kofi is off to ghana today. he came to church on his own yesterday as well. we went to his familys church after our church service as well and let me tell you that was something. i was the ONLY white person in the whole meeting. and it was a pentecostal- ish ghanian church. one day ill tell you more about it. what an experience. the big dude singing and dancing came up the stairs and came to me and grabbed my hand and brought me down to the stage and so i had to dance a bit (the crowd loved it.. im not sure if its cause theyd never seena white dude at their church or cause my dance moves were so bad hahah)

anyways thats already super long so ill stop there. mlc and zone meeting this past week were great. we made trainings that the zone received really well and we hope it will help. there are lots of young missionaries in our zone and so we trained on the basics of finding. 

I got an email or two lately from companions and other friends from the mission who are home now and it has made me realize how glad i am that im a missionary. I love the Lord and I am proud to wear His name. the gospel is true! 

Elder Jensen
Zone meeting November 2016

Random chicks we found in the underground who took Halloween to a whole new level

zone meeting pics

Agupe's drawings during our lesson!

Cass; Angela's 11 year old son. He was wearing an LA shirt

Angela's fam at church! They looked so nice all dressed up we decided to take a fresh pic

the fog this morning

Elder Abreu; one of my flat mates!

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