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Week 77-November 14, 2016

Week 77-November 14, 2016
"whether therefore ye eat, or drink, do all to the glory of God."

What a weekend! 

I don't have much time left. but i will fill you in on the big stuff.

We travelled to the Hyde Park Visitor's Centre with Christina and her son Camilo this past week and a girl named Valentina who has been helping us out tons. Valentina has been investigating the church for about a year and a half now and her parents wont let her be baptised so she has to wait till she's 18 next year. she speaks spanish and is a fantastic missionary so she is a huge help- we would be done for without her! we took them to the VC to show them the Restoration movie because she wanted to know more about Joseph Smith.of course, we watched it in spanish so it was fun to try understanding it all. my spanish has been improving a lot but it still needs a lot of work. after watching it, my heart was so full. i dont know what happened but as it finished i felt very emotional. i know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Not becuase the actor was good or because the way they depicted him in the movie; because of what he did and how it has directly blessed our family and my life specifically. It was a special and very powerful feeling. cristina and camilo loved it and she felt much happier to know more about his life. camilo said to me in the restroom that "yo creo en mormon." or something along those lines. what a stud.

we bought some stuff, went to Angela's house early saturday morning, and as the boys were waking up made American chocolate chip pancakes (i had promised them i would make them some since its one ofthe few things i can make) eggs, bacon, and sausages. the funniest thing was angela coming into the kitchen every 3 seconds to make sure we were doing everything right... she wouldnt leave us alone! we kept telling her to go and lay down or relax and let us cook but she was always right up in our grill. it was awesome though. she came to church again this sunday and had a good time. our gospel principles class was on baptism and it was sooooo good. dispelled all sorts of false doctrines and just went so hard on the truth iof the matter. our investigators loved it. angela even agreed with the age of accountability now too! which is great news!

then to top it off, pawel made a feast for us on sunday afternoon.. it was absolutely delicious. he also passed the sacrament for the first time on sunday and it was such a great feeling watching him do that. what a great man. 

One of our investigators, sherree (you may remember me mentioning her) said all week she wasnt sure if she could come to church. she was waiting to see if someone picked up her shift on sunday. then, after telling me day after day she didnt know, on sunday morning she texted me early in the morning saying she had to go to work and couldnt come to church. i was so sad. then lo and behold as we sat in sacrament meeting, she strolls through the front door. she told me she had known since monday that she could come but she had been messing with us just for fun. my goodness. 

i love these people we are working with. this work is true! love you guys so much. thanks for the emails each week. be missionaries however you can!

Elder Jensen

The cutest little Colombian boys ever. Jose Daniel and Juan Carlos! 

Cristiana, Valentina, and Camilo  (left to right) at the VC

Pawel's 5 star dinner 

Pawel and Sister Joanna plus her son Joshua 

Us in the kitchen with Angela!

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