Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 78-November 21, 2016

Week 78-November 21, 2016

sorry i dont have much time!!! Ill try to write more later but basically all is well. Angela and her boys and sherree came to church and also a guy i found last week from albania! he is a stud. ill tell you more next week. transfers is next week! love you so much.

Elder Jensen

Exchange w Elder Radford! Love him. We were supposed to teach Cristina
with Valentina and her friend but her son Camilo got lost so we just
ate some food instead and then left...

The Lea Valley lads (our flat mates)  all together to email our families. (Taken 2 minutes ago) 

Valentina- our Colombian friend! 

Pawel's motorcycle helmet... 

The "clique pic" as named by Sherree. She came to church again! Second time in a row. 

The two musketeers looking sharp with matching jackets and our badges

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