Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 56-June 20, 2016

Week 56-June 20, 2016
Hey mom and Ash and kids! I dont have a lot of time to email this week cause thing went long and now we want to stop by someone tonight before we go home so Ill be breif but thanks so much for the emails again. 

ipswich is great, colchester is just such a great ward. i love the families here! and I love Elder Burgess already. He is such a good man and a fantastic missionary. i miss Elder Withers but I'll see him often and we'll continue to be friends for our whole lives. Elder Burgess is a convert of about 2 years and the only member of his family and has such a strong testimony. I have a lot to learn from him. Elder Chronister trained him right after he trained me so i know him well already! 

love you all tons! have a fantastic week. thanks again for the emails. yall are da best.

Elder Jensen

Final hours together... As named by the ward, "the dream team" 

The Grieg family and the Rowes! 

Elder chronister on his final day. Met his parents! Love this guy so much. He's back in Arizona now.

A bad quality pic but that's in the Hyde park chapel.. Elder Wihers and I are the two in the middle of the second to front row. He's in a grey suit and I'm to his right in my dark blue suit. Notice the apostle on the stand on the far right... Pretty cool.

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