Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 54-June 6, 2016

Week 54-June 6, 2016

Dead Squirrels and Big Meetings

things are great! transfer is almost over. colchester is a great ward.

driving to Zone Meeting with the Sister Training Leader's in the backseat, we were on the phone with our Assistant (elder chronister) and i see a tiny little squirrel on the road inbetween the two lanes and we all go silent for a moment and watch as it starts to move and runs right into our lane and then the car goes *thump* .... the AP just keeps talking and we all just sit in shock with our mouths completely open. the convo goes on and then ends and the AP never even knew that an innocent life had just been extinguished. R.I.P. squirrel. Im sorry. there was nothing i could do!

we had ZOne meeting and Mission Leadership Council this week so we were on the road a lot this week. We woke up at 4 on thursday for MLC cause london traffic is crazy.. and we cant take a train cause we have to load up the car with loads of supplies like BOM's and pamphlets for our zone. MLC was great. it was Elder Chronister's last and during his departing testimony i felt so much love and gratitude for the friendship we made while serving together and then continuing to serve together in different ways throughout the past year. He goes home next week! Missions are life changing and hearing his testimony and his conviction and gratitude for the way his life has been changed was really cool. I hope i undergo the change i need to as well.

It passed our year mark so Elder WIthers can't drive on his american license anymore so i do all the driving btw. i love driving.. especially through the English rolling green hills.

We had a great zone meeting and it went well. I love our zone so much- each of the missionaries too! i just love getting to see them in person, since its such a geographically large zone and we dont get to see them often. its amazing to see them grow as individuals as well! we talked a lot about our calling and the divine method of revelation by which we receive our callings. i felt the spirit really strongly during a role-play we did while elder withers testified to me that he is an authorized reppresentative of Jesus Christ. He speaks with power- what a great companion to have. we are not looking forward to transfers next week.he has taught me so much and we have grown so close. 

we met a lot of really interesting people this week. in clacton, (another missionaries area) me and elder nelson met a kid who liked rapping so i beatboxed and he rapped about our shoes and about Jesus Christ and eventually we found out he had just lost his whole family and he actually lives in colchester so we got his number and hopefully we will see him soon. Then right after, I saw a guy we taught once or twice named Chris! he had moved to clacton and then we lost contact with him about 2 months ago and i just said "Chris!!!" and he looked up and it was the craziest thing seeing him all the way in clacton. turns out he got a place there and the elders in that area then taught him the next day and hopefully he will start to progress! while me and elder withers were tracting we met some interesting people too. some funny small buddhist man invited us in and started telling us how crazy religion is and how pointless it is and the damage it does to create lines between people and then we asked him if he believed in god and he said no because he is a scientist. thats my favorite thing to hear- that or the typical "i dont believe in god, i believe in science" . i just love hearing those things cause i think of Dad. anyways we eventually left but it was really fun to talk to him breifly.

Love you all!!! CONGRATS LYDIA! you'll be a great president of Chanteurs. You deserve it!!! and thanks to the rest of you for your updates this week! 

elder Jensen

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