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Week 53-May 30, 2016

Week 53-May 30, 2016

Over the Hump and through the woods

I have about 20 minutes to email cause we had tons of stuff we had to do today and its been nuts but I most of all just have two big announcements:

Marcel got baptised saturday 


Thank you for the hump day package!!!

It was literally so much fun opening the package. I think i just feel so connected to you guys when you send me letters or something in the mail- i love it! shoutout to whoever made those delicious square things in the ziploc bag- i ate almost all of them today and gave some to the sisters in the ward cause elder withers is on a diet and they loved them as well.

too many things happened this week to explain but thanks also for the skit ideas!!!!! they really helped. turns out we did something one of the sisters knew how to do which was cut out two holes in  a sheet to stick faces through and arm holes and one of the sets of sisters put their faces through and the other set stood right behind them and put their arms through and elder withers and i walked through a day in our lives as missionaries (funny things like working out and shaving and driving and throwing pass along cards and stopping people in town center etc.) while the sisters had to act it out. so it was hilarious because for instance the shaving bit we pulled out my shaving cream and put it into the one set of sisters hands and they without being able to see rubbed it on the other set of sisters faces. classic talent show skit. it was a big hit. elder withers is a funny guy and the sisters did such a good job hamming it up. 

just to update you on how it feels to be over the mark: it's pretty meaningless to me at this point but the few days leading up to it had me thinking a lot and it felt really weird. being elder wither's year mark as well we naturally talked a lot about it all week and eventually i just decided i didnt want it to be a distraction and now that its passed its really out of my mind. i realized how long but how quickly the past year has gone. times have sometimes flown by but other times were so painfully slow and to think i have another year is good and inspiring also because i want to do so much more this year and leave it all on the court as they say.

this week we will have MLC and our zone meetings again since its the first week of june and then the next week elder oaks comes. then transfers so this next two weeks will fly by and then elder withers and i will probably split. we are sad about that. he is a great missionary and has become such a close friend so that will be sad but thats part of a mission. 

love you all so much! i dont know what i would do without you. you are all such a source of strength for me. have fantastic weeks!!!

love, elder jensen

p.s. ill attach pics to a diff email from my iPad.

Found a woman from Zambia with a German sister on a blitz in Cambridge
and took a selfie to send to Alli! She's now got a baptismal date!!

Went on an exchange with Elder Lindsay from Utah. So good- we found for 4 1/2 hours in town centre that day and taught one lesson in the park by the lake. Great day and great elder. He taught me a lot.

Just Chillin'

Me and my package. Thanks <3. P.s. Notice the haircut. I cut elder withers and i's hair this week.

A bird pooed on his arm while we were driving and he had his arm resting outside the car... What are the chances?! 

We went to lunch for our year mark at a nice restaraunt after weekly planning.

Pancakes are rare here..

Marcel's baptism. Beautiful service! Wonderful to be a part of his conversion. He prayed to find the word of God when he moved here after looking around and not liking the churches here and the next day met the elders. That was a long time ago and different elders who have long since left the area but it strengthened my testimony that this is thenLords work each missionary just played a part in doing it. It was good to come into the area just before he took this step so I could hear his story and be a part of his experience joining the church. He's from Nigeria btw.

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