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Week 55-June 14, 2016

Week 55-June 14, 2016
The Dream Team's new Chapter
aaaaaaaand another transfer gone! just like that. 

This past week on tuesday like i told you Elder OAKS came and spoke to us. it was so cool to meet him and shake his hand and then hear him speak to us live. Funny story, Elder Withers and I were seated somewhere in the back back back of the chapel and then the APs had us stand with them to ask us a question and then a couples missionary came and asked if we wanted to sit in the second row cause there were 2 spots open and we were like "sure!" and they moved us to sit in the middle of the row in the middle pew in the second row just 6 feet or so from the pulpit, which was really neat.. so keep paying your tithing guys! im getting blessings from it! it was awesome. he taught us about teaching repentance as the goal of missionary work.. not baptisms. in the book of mormon apparently it always says missionaries taught repentance and then occasionally it also mentions that they baptised people. It should be the natural product if done right. great conference and it was so good to see so many people again. 

Then Elder Chronister came back to Colchester with us for an exchange and it was great. I'll see him once more at transfers and meet his parents most likely cause theyll be here to pick him up but then away he goes. so crazy how the time flies. this time last year was my 3rd day with him and my 3rd day in the mission feild.

friday we had an exchange with the chelmsford elders and i was with elder Sailsbury. we taught a woman named Maya who is about 19/20 ish and it was an amazing lesson. i was just blown away by how much my own testimony grew and was strengthened as we taught her the and promised her blessings that come from living the gospel. she understood everything so well- she knew exactly what "real intent" meant and said she was scared cause she didnt think she would get an answer about the BOM cause she didnt know if she was willing to change her lifestyle. she then asked about some of the commandments so we taught her and she told us how her peers have questioned her for meeting with us and how shed be afraid to lose her friends. Man, i was so glad i could promise her that her friends would respect her even more and love her for choosing to follow Christ and live his gospel because i had been the recipient of those same blessings. shoutout to my homies back home in A-town.. we havent taught her again since but hopefully we will see her soon! 

we also tuaght a guy named james this week. idk if you'll remember back to this but a kid joined our convo in mcdonalds a couple weeks back while we were trying to teach our other investigator. that was james! i met him in town again and we set up an appt and taught him last week. he's got a crazy life story..he came to church! during sacrament meeting he was on his phone and then without saying anything to him he decided he felt bad for being on his phone distracted so he turned it off and handed it to me. he did that a few more times throughout the 3 hours.. it was funny. he s 19 and homeless with 2 kids from different mothers but had a very difficult upbringing. So i love him and feel for him and we'll try to help him but ultimately its the Lord who can help him if he's willing to let Him. 

Saturday we went to a baptism in chelmsford of a man named Jose from Spain. it was a beautiful service. I especially loved seeing him be baptised and look so happy as he came out of the water. he was a heavy smoker before he met the sisters and loves the book of mormon and has a powerful testimony already. on the way home, elder withers and i freestyled (rapped) for about 15 minutes straight while driving back on the highway. we spit some mad game for a couple of white boys!

So the big news..... Transfers. 

Elder Withers is leaving! and Ill be staying. I am going to miss him dearly- it has been a blur being companions and I have absolutely loved it. He's such a great guy and an incredible leader and missionary and person- I love him and im so grateful for the Lord putting us together in this mission and this area so we could form this friendship. i know it will be a lifelong one. im super excited for his new area though! he's going into London to be in the north part of London with a really cool companion and they will have a great time there. London is awesome- im glad he's going to get a chance to serve there! 

My new companion will be ELder Burgess from (if i remember right) Bristol! which is in England! just west of London a ways. He was Elder Chronister's trainee right after he finished training me! So i know him quite well and already love the guy. He's great and im excited to be his companion! it'll be his first time being a zone leader so i get to show him the ropes. or try at least.. i still dont know what im doing most of the time so pray for him!! lol but really.. it wouldnt be wasted. hahahaha. 

love you all so much!!! This will be a big change and a chance to learn and grow more just like every transfer is. I am so happy to hear about all the exciting stuff you are all up to, and WOW i cant believe its almost summer vacation!!!!!! loved all the pictures and i am always praying for each of you!

God lives and is our Father- and Jesus is His Son and the way we can get back to our Father in Heaven one day. I am so grateful for His gospel and for the restoration! it is a great blessing and privilege to know these important truths.

Elder Jensen
p.s. ill send pics from my iPad!

After exchange on Wednesday.. Probably second to last time seeing him before he's off!

Elder Salisbury snapped a pic of his pie and accidentally got me in it.. The important thing was that pie. Mmmmm... So delicious. Made by sister Randall 

Chillin in our Toyota before football on Saturday morning munchin on some digestives. Heck yea


Dream Team

The wonderful Bueno family! From Brazil. Two of their sons weren't in the pic.. Love this family!

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