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Week 57-June 27, 2016

Week 57-June 27, 2016
England is Leaving the EU

Hey! Not a lot of time but some highlights from last week:

Doris and Alvin got baptised here in Colchester- both the sisters' investigators! I interviewed Doris and she asked me to baptise her so that was a good experience. She is from Ghana and hasn't gone to church since she came to england. She owed a ton of money on her flat and on her first week at church we prayed and told God that "if he took care of her rent situation she'd worship Him in this church for the rest of her life. " that evening her landlord called out of the blue and said to forget about all the rent that was due- that she could have a fresh start. she has been rock solid ever since that incredible miracle. she is so funny too. 

We spent a day in Cambridge and during the evening me and Elder Walker were tracting and it started pouring but we kept tracting. on one doorstep I asked a man where he was from and he said "turkey. where are you from?"  to which i replied "chicken." he laughed pretty hard and so did elder walker. then he shut the door. lol. while walking up to the last door we knocked on i said to elder walker that no matter what i wanted to get inside that home- i was sick of the rain. it was a sweet older lady who knew a bit about the BOM. we talked to her for a little while and then she agreed to let us in and we taught her the whole Restoration and she said she'd read the Book of Mormon ( we gave her 3 Ne 11) and pray about it and we could come back on wednesday. Her name was Doreen- it was a miracle and evidence that the Lord blessed us for continuing despite the pouring rain. but of course it wasnt until the last door that we got to meet her. I wont see her again most likely but it was a great experience.

There were a lot of other spiritual experiences from this week but most of all I realised that faith is a choice but there is evidence EVERYWHERE of God and of His son Jesus Christ. There are parallels everywhere and the blessings of keeping His commandments are immense. I feel as if this week I learned how important it is to be 100% diligent and just work work work until the last minute of every day. We had a tough week in our own area this week but I am confident the Lord will provide people to teach if we continue to be diligent. 

another funny story- we also spend some time in Chelmsford (another big city south of Colchester) and an elder from texas named Elder Merrill and i were walking behind two women holding a bag inbetween them full of groceries. I had tried to stop them but they had blown by me and we followed them cause we needed to go the same direction. Elder Merrill got out a pamphlet and dropped it into their bag of groceries without them noticing. It was hilarious. i wish i could see their reaction when they saw it later that day... persistence is key! good job elder Merrill.

It is great to hear you are all doing well! I loved the updates. Exciting that Lydia is going to EFY and staying with Ash! and I hope the operation went well for Mandy! I am praying for her! ben, sorry to hear about your soccer game. better luck next time.

This week we will be in London for 2 days cause President Kearon (he's spoken in GC a few times) is visiting our mission and then attending our Mission Leadership Council so we will stay overnight for both those meetings. Im pumped. 

Elder Jensen

p.s. i kinda need new shoes and trousers. i might get some today before the meeting with Pres Kearon cause my ecco shoes are fine but they are very worn and scratched up. im thinking of getting some shoes to wear to meetings and such. ill keep you posted on if i do end up buying some. i guess im not sure why im telling you this..... 

p.p.s. ill send some pics separately.

Here's a selfie for you mom! Btw, have I told you that Elder Burgess is a convert? He's an absolute stud. Been a member for exactly 2 years this week! From western England

That rabbit is a gift from the 4 sister missionaries in the ward. Idk where they found it but they always joke about how much I like eating boiled eggs (they're super easy to cook) so they surprised me with this random egg holder. It was pretty funny.

I know I need to cut my hair but we ran into some Malimu puppies (similar to huskies) they were just insanely cute.. I can't expl

Btw elder walker is 6'7" I think

The view from the window of our flat. Beautiful

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