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Week 48-April 25, 2016

Week 48-April 25, 2016
another week in colchizzie

Hey hey hey!!! 

Sayonara to Ashley!!!! good luck back in Provo! what an exciting moment. going back to the REAL real life! it was so cool to hear about the goodbye party you guys had and i was also really happy to hear that you all enjoyed having ashley with you the past month or two so much. 

Let me just say how excited i am as well to skype you guys in 2 weeks.. i cant wait. just to see pictures and hear you all talk about your weeks blows my mind because i feel as if you have all grown so much ( mom and dad excluded youre pretty consistent) since i left. 

This week was full of a lot lot lot of stuff and i can just say a few highlights cause i sometimes dont remember everything that happened even though there was a lot- first cool highlight. I spent a large portion of my day on wednesday in Cambridge!!! it was my first time being there- its a ward/area in our zone/stake and we had district meeting in a senior couple's home and then went finding with the sisters and elders serving there for a while that afternooon after lunch. it was a blast. and man...... it is a BEAUTIFUL place. and the colleges are just incredilbe!!!!!! i absolutely love the green feilds and trees everywhere and streams that are everywhere here in the Ipswich zone. I have fallen in love with the green everywhere so much. often times i feel such an urge to pull the car over and walk around in the trees by the road. 

another highlight: elder withers and i spent our friday taking the train into london to have an exchange and work with the assistants to the president (elder chronister and elder williams) which was a blast. it was fun to be with elder chronister as always. that guy is going home in the beginning of june!!! which is exactly when we were companions last year. we taught a nigerian university student and after inviting him to be baptised about 4 times he finally accepted to work towards the 28 of may. it was a crazy lesson. oh and i also got to see Augusto!!! we ran into him in the chapel and he is doing really well. still active and helping the missionaries a lot and doing well. 

another highlight: me and elder withers had a lot of funny experiences this week but to name a few, we squirted a bunch of cars with our windscreen wipers while we drove around, we got our hair cut by turkish barbers this morning (world famous) and they burned all the hair on my ears off with this special technique they are famous for (basically consisting of lighting a big q-tip on fire and getting in really close to your ears really quickly and pulling it back and then doing it over and over again really fast and skillfully), and we also had a lot of funny and really strange meetings with people in the streets of town center this week. some very negative and some very positive. it made for a good week. the zone is doing fairly well but we still have some really struggling companionships and they are on our minds a lot. 

oh  by the way! im not sick anymore. got healthy and now im doing just fine! Thanks so much for all your prayers and emails and support. You guys mean the world to me. have a great week this week and know that ill be praying for you.

Elder Jensen

p.s. ill send pics from my ipad
p.p.s. mom i dont know the details for skype in 2 weeks but ill figure them out asap so we can sort it out next pray

Couldn't help but grab a pic with this sign! This is a sneak peek of how beautiful Colchester is. Grass and trees everywhere..

This is a random picture we took in Russell Square after trying to contact university students in the AP's area on Friday. It was raining. That's elder Williams (elder chronisters companion) I'm next to. 
Just good old Elder Withers and I.

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