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Week 46-April 11, 2016

Week 46-April 11, 2016
Hello family! 

This week Vladamir, Leonardo, and Andrea were baptised. I can't describe how happy it makes me, because I know how happy it makes them and I love them so much. No, I wasn't allowed to go but President allowed me to Skype Elder Silva and congratulate them and it was a special moment. It almost made it even more heartbreaking that I could not be there though. I am just so happy that it happened though. and Mom, i am praying that I do get to see them be sealed next year! It may be just in time before I leave to the States.

Elder Withers and I don't really have anyone to teach at the moment so we spent a lot of time this week in the town center trying to find people. We also had MLC and then our ZTM this past week as well, so we spent a lot of time in meetings too. It was a good week but the cherry on top was definitely Vladamir and his kids being baptised in Basildon on Sunday

It was exciting to hear about the vacation to Lake Havasu and the Grand Canyon! sounds like everyone had a blast. You guys rented a boat and everything?! awesome. cant lie and say im not jealous of that trip. 

We found quite a few people who looked like they had good potential this week but none of them have turned out to be very promising. We will continue working. I got to meet a lot of the ward this week though and they are great. The Bishop here is great. Speaking of which, how is Bishop Daines? 

Glad to hear the report on Yiwei and Amanda! and glad to hear Josh and Nicole came to Arcadia over the weekend for their break. Youth are the life of every ward i think i have learned and looking back, now i realise why everyone constantly would brag about our youth and get emotional and say how much they loved the youth in our ward because however small in numbers we were, we really did have a fantastic crew. it would probably be hard to find a group of fun, good (not to mention active) girls and guys like we had anywhere else- including utah. 

Life has been very busy and nonstop work the past week. I think we need to take some time to relax and think of things other than worrying about missionary work. other than that i was so happy about Nagaret's family that it was a good week. Had 3 people at church even though none of them are really progressing! In hindsight, it was an enormous and undeserved blessing to have been a part of Nagaret and her family's conversion in Basildon. i will always be grateful for that. Elder Silva says that Christiana is doing well too, although she has been working a lot lately and been stressed. thats good news as well. 

meeting the ward here made me think of what incredible sisters and brother I have- i would kill to be in the same ward as a family like ours. a few families like ours and the coles and the coltons are what can make a ward and give it life! Also, i got some letters from the Coltons this week and I am hoping to respond but i rarely have any time so let them know i got the letters and really enjoyed reading them all.. and that i will respond as soon as i can but until then i send my thanks and love!!! 

I really learned this week that nothing can be done if not in the Lord's way. Love is really the essence of what Christ taught and if we dont strive to always be in accordance with His teachings and do things out of love, this work goes nowhere. Elder Withers and I feel as if a lot is on our plate and we feel a lot of responsibility and weight and it takes a toll on me at times but i know that if I just trust the Lord things will work out in the end. we also talk a lot about how fast our missions have gone by and how close we are to our year mark. crazy.

Love you all so so so much and wish you the best of weeks going back to school and work! 

-Elder Jensen

p.s. mom ill attach some pics as well from my iPad!

Blurry but my friend from Basildon is trying to send me a higher quality photo soon! That's me on the phone screen!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!

Our new zone! Great group of missionaries. The sister in pink in the middle was in the same MTC district as elder withers and I! She had to go home for medical reasons but just came back and came into our zone it was super cool. 

The view by our study desk.


Taylor court. Good street to live on. 

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