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Week 44-March 28, 2016

Week 44-March 28, 2016
Hey fam! 

I got transferred. heartbreaking news but I am happy to do what the Lord wants. And guess who my next companion is going to be? 

ELDER WITHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My MTC companion! we have been dreaming and praying and joking about serving together sometime in our missions since we met at BYU and now here we are not even a year out and we will be together. crazy!

But i am so sad to leave Basildon- this week was insane and now Vladamir and his kids have decided on the 10th of April as the day they will be baptised which means i will miss it but i am so incredibly happy for this huge step. i will be praying for the rest of my mission that they will go to the temple in a years time and be sealed! 

So basically this week was non stop travelling all over our zone for baptisms, helping other missionaries with different things, easter devotionals and dinner appointments. It went by in a blur but it was full of miracles. Yes Dad, we attended the Hungarian girl's baptism and that was beautiful. it amazes me how simple the ordinances of the gospel are- yet powerful too. Then we also went to ilford on the other side of our zone that evening for the Portugese woman and her son's baptism which was WILD! the font broke and it was only knee deep and freezing water- Elder Silva was baptising them in portugese and on the 3rd try the son was successfully baptised but it just wasnt going to work for the mother so they postponed the baptism to the following day right after church in the romford building instead. so we left early on sunday from our church and they finished the baptism for her and their confirmations in romford on sunday. Which means that as a zone, we reached our goal of 5 baptisms in the stake this month. which is something i have been praying so hard for all month. i honestly was afraid for most of the month that we werent going to reach our goal but somehow the Lord provided.and now april is looking to be full of baptisms across the zone! i am so happy for the work that is happening. i learned that without goals, missionaries would be almost useless to the Lord. We dont work hard enough or trust in the Lord enough without a goal to strive for- its the same in life as well. So set goals and work for them- and we will accomplish much more than without them. #lessonlearned

Thank you all so much for the love i felt on easter from you all! the basket was so appreciated. I will miss elder Silva and i will miss Basildon ward with so much of my heart but the work of the Lord goes on. I will be in Colchester ward- part of the Ipswich zone. Elder WIthers and i have something like 28 missionaries in our zone (its one of the biggest) and a MASSIVE stake- probably 10 or 15 romford stakes could fit inside of it. We will have lots of work to do! hahahahaha i cant wait! i will tell you all about the new area and ward next week. Love you lots!

Elder Jensen
Taylor's Bishop Nicholls from Basildon called us on Easter and sent us this short video from Taylor.  He expressed his love and appreciation for the great missionary Taylor has been.

Pic of video from Taylor and companion Elder Silva, who speaks portuguese and has been teaching Vladimir and kids.

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