Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 47-April 18, 2016

Week 47-April 18, 2016
Sick week
 I don't have much time at all this week so I'll be brief! It's okay though because i don't have too many big things to report. I was sick since tuesday last week and it was pretty bad. First time getting sick my whole mission and it wasnt fun having to sleep instead of being able to work. It felt really strange actually- i realised i hadnt just rested for about a year! as a missionary its just go go go always busy, at least it has been for me. anyways, we still did a lot of work in the afternoons and evenings we went and taught some people and thursday we had interviews with president stevens. he gave me a blessing after everyone else had gone and he had talked to us about hte zone. it was a very special and memorable experience. elder withers and i have been thinking and talking a lot about how fast our missions have gone as we approach mother's day (woohoo!!!) and our one year marks. funny that we may get to pass our one year marks together after starting together as well. anyways besides what i already mentioned, i spoke in sacrament meeting and we taught the priests quorum and those went fine and yea thats about all i can think of right now. obviously a lot happened inbetween and all week but i dont have much time and its not really coming to me right now but the big news is that i was really sick. oh! youre probably wondering what i was sick with- it was a bad fever and sore throat. 

Quick comments: Lydia- you look beautiful in those pictures! wow. im glad to hear you had a lot of fun. also congrats on SMW round 2! natalie- can you make me some oatmeal chocolate no bake cookies????? those sound so good.. mandy- nice job on getting the game ball and hitting the winning score for softball!!!! benjamin- good to hear you found some fish. cook them and eat them.

Ashley- youre going back to provo next week? to study? spring semester?

Mom the boutineer and corsage on lydia look beautiful. cant believe you made so many of them.

Dad good luck with those calories this week. mind > matter. and wow thats a ton of taxes. 

love you all so much! im almost better now so im really really glad to go back to working 100%. the church is true- Im grateful to be a missionary. 

Elder Jensen

p.s. i cant wait for mothers day!

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