Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 45-April 4, 2016

Week 45-April 4, 2016
Colchezzie with Withers

Hi fam! 

thanks for all the emails! and wow i cant believe you spoke with Bishop Nicholls for that long. he called me right after and told me and Elder Silva all about it while i was trying to drive. so i was a bit distracted but it sounded like he really enjoyed the conversation as well. 

We didnt get to watch the sunday afternoon session cause thats too late in the night but all the others we watched! it was great. i loved it so much- i look up to those men (the apostles and prophet) so much and i am grateful for their worthiness to serve in the ways that they do in those callings.

yea i dont know much of the ward yet but i did meet quite a few of them over conference weekend. the bishop is super cool we played football (soccer) saturday morning with him and some youth and it was fun. they were all shocked that an american knew how to play football! 

yes dad me and elder withers are the zone leaders here. tough job cause the zone (equivalent of a stake; its the same actually) is geographically massive and there are 14 companionships as opposed to the prior 8 in basildon. doesnt seem like that much but its just a lot more work to know everything thats going on. man- its good though. and yes i am now a veteran i suppose. still clueless though- a clueless veteran. 

Lydia, send me a video of you and kyara and kylies song! i want to hear it! and believe it or not i had the same thought while watching GC! and yes knowing elder withers has made the transition much smoother. its like moving in with a friend. 

natalie- are you playing on a boys indoor soccer team? im confused... thats exciting that you are learning violin though! 

mandy- hope youre doing well! how are the braces? are they painful? and were your legs super sore after all that softball? 

ben- sorry about your finger man. glad it feels better now. also, midfeild is what i used to play as well- thats the best position cause you get to go wherever the ball is anywhere on the feild basically! 

ash- iagree about praying all the time. "counsel with the lord in all thy doings and he will direct thee for good." thank you for praying for me. i love you! 


love you all tons! colchester is BEAUTIFUL. i love this town- its very old and very green. the oldest recorded town in all of england! this is where Humpty Dumpty and Twinkle Twinkle Little star comes from! those both came from this town. 

Vladamir, Leonardo, and Andrea are getting baptised this Sunday!!! Pray for them!

Elder Jensen

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