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Week 65-August 22, 2016

Week 65-August 22, 2016

what am i supposed to put here?
Ashley, you read my mind, i can't figure out what to put in the subject line. I feel so boring but i dont have time to sit here and come up with something funny... sorry!

Well, its crazy to think that everyone is back at school. And i can't believe Lydia is a senior. and Natalie is in highschool! and mandy is in middle school. good luck you all! LYDIA I KNOW MR SCHULTZ SO WELL!!! youve gotta tell him youre my little sister! hahahaha I had him for both freshman english and then senior year half a semester for british literature.. Love that goofball. He's a tough one and he can be a bit out there sometimes but just see him for the softie he is deep down. Is he still single and bald? and is he still coaching the track team?

Thanks for all the pictures of Josh's wedding, it was so nice to see them. He sent me a letter and a wedding invitation and said that he is proud of me for being here and that meant a lot to me. I thought it would be really difficult to miss it, but I felt at peace and I know this is where I should be. He knows I love him and we will always be brothers- regardless of whether I got to be at his wedding. I am so glad it went well though!

This week was a sad one but also a great one. Jeffrey will be moving back to philadelphia this upcoming sunday so he won't be baptised here. We gave him a blessing with Bishop Leydon this past week because he wasn't feeling well and then he had a lot of questions about the priesthood so we taught him very in depth about the priesthood. Then he came with us to a family in the ward's home for dinner the next evening and we taught word of wisdom and then about Thomas S Monson. It was a very memorable lesson- i gained a stronger conviction that we are indeed led by a prophet of God. As we watched his last GC address I prayed in my head to know whether he was a prophet, and I looked at him differently then I ever have before and felt a lot of love for him as he spoke. Jeffrey felt the Spirit- after I asked him what he had learned in that short 5 minutes he spoke a little more softly and with more feeling and was visibly different- I am confident he felt something as he watched that video. Funny story: we were on an exchange so I was with a different missionary that day and the new missionary started explaining what baptism was to Jeffrey but he answered his first question and explained what a covenant was perfectly and then looked at me and gave a little half smile and winked and the missionary and the members were surprised and laughed.. He's a smart one! he came to church and still isn't one hundred percent confident this is the one true church but I am confident he will join the church soon. We will have to say goodbye this week and then send him off. i dont look forward to it but I am grateful for Facebook so I can keep in touch with him once that happens and throughout my life.

another quick funny story i was contacting on the street with an Ethiopian sister in our zone and we were talking to an older Carribean lady who said she knew everything about the book of mormon already. I could tell she didn't and i was in a bit of a playful mood so i flipped open the picture of Jesus visitng the Americas and asked her, 'did you know Jesus went to America then?' to which she was shocked and confused and angry that she had been exposed- she started walking away and then a few feet away stopped, turned around, and with plenty of people all around us, shouted 'America?!?! why does it have to be America of all places?!!!' then with everyone watching she walked off angrily and everyone looked at us. As we walked the other direction, i said to myself and the sister i was with 'I dont know, ask Him! He's the one who decided to go there!' we did a lot of laughing that afternoon. 

Elder Burgess hit his one year mark this past friday!!! we had an exchange that day and so me and the elder i was with got him a cake and some chocolate and fashioned a nice '1' on the cake and we all enjoyed it. later that day we went to a restaurant with the 4 sisters in our ward and Elder Burgess had a great hump day all in all I hope.  we definitely gained some weight so if nothing else that was acheived

We played football saturday morning as well and that was a blast!

with edwards family this week we had a family prayer again and this time Henry (his 5 year old) prayed and since he was next to me and holding my hand, he had me help him by telling him what to say and then repeating it. It reminded me of Benjamin! Miss having my little brother around. 

Hope you guys enjoyed Sam's email about the banoffe pie at Margarets this week. That was a real struggle finishing it... I was worried it was going to come back up while we were washing her dishes. 

This week I learned again the importance of charity. We are nothing without it! Also, Jeffrey asked me some more questions about who is a "saint" and why when we are baptised we are joining the church not only receiving a remission of sins. As i studied the scriptures I once again realized how TRUE THE CHURCH IS! Everything in the New Testament supports our church's beliefs and practices; the other christian churches out there go so clearly against many of the original practices of the Early christian church. The church is true- it is Christ's church; and we are members of it and are so blessed by the church. We can't take it for granted fam! I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that now so is Thomas S Monson. what a blessing it is to have them.

I love you all! Have a fantastic week. Take care!

Elder Jensen

ill send pics separately!

Selfie for you mom!

Colchester District Meeting 

From a kid in the ward- love him. He calls me Bob cause Bob the minion has a green eye and a brown eye. He drew this of us during sacrament meeting yesterday and came up to me after to show us so I asked him if I could keep it! Looks like I was a bit emberassed during sacrament meeting cause my face came out kinda red lol

Ipswich DIstrict Meeting- the sister next to a Elder Burgess was the one I was with for the Carribean lady who didn't like he idea of Jesus going to America. And the elder next to her (the black one) was with me on exchange when we taught Jeffrey! 

Congrats to big dog Elder Burgess. Love this guy.

Elder Sharp- a greenie from Utah who I had an exchange with last week. A real stud! A baller too! Had a great time and learned a lot. Love him already. Turns out he followed me and Elder Withers' blogs for a while after getting his mission call and recognised who I was the first day and on the phone asked me "is this the Elder Jensen who ran over a squirrel?" How crazy is It that he's in my zone for his first area?!

Ball is life! We were supposed to make a pose I think but I was the only one who did. 

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