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Week 62-August 1, 2016

Week 62-August 1, 2016
Howdy ya'll!

Jason and Jeffrey are doing great! the two ghanian university students we have been teaching. we are really praying they will get answers to their prayers and their concerns will be resolved in time for them to be baptised on the 27th of august. Jason really wants to believe because he's never been that religious but he's been praying for the first time in his life and now he's reading the book of mormon and he says he feels something when he prays but then the feeling goes away when he goes about the rest of his day and he starts to doubt whether he really felt anything or not. Jeffrey is the more religious one of the two (they're twins) and he's puzzled because he always believed that baptism by water was done away with after christ and that all you had to do is believe in Jesus Christ and you'd be fine. So ive been studying baptism a lot lately and compiled a list of scriptures in the new testament about the apostles baptising by water even after Christ's death. The book of mormon is crystal clear on the whole subject (jesus makes it very clear in 3 nephi) but the bible is a little more vague. There is very solid evidence though so I just pray his heart softens and he feels good about it and that it ends up making sense to him. 

We drove to cambridge to do a couple baptismal interviews on saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL. Hands down my favorite drive to make- colchester to cambridge. It was sunset as we drove home and we went down a ton of back country roads through rolling green hills and stumbled across a huge castle. Apparently the castle in pride and prejudice.. but dont quote me on it cause im not positive thats just what we heard. Ill attach a pic. 

Got to spend some time with a couple of greenies this past week - one from utah and one from singapore and it was so nice to be with them. It reminded me that its been over a year since i was in their shoes- mind boggling. 

mom, we went to some outlet and for the first time (pretty much on my mission) i bought some stuff! i got 2 pairs of trousers they were super cheap and then a few ties that were also super cheap. Then i got 2 shirts as part of a deal- it was all in all super successful and ended up being under 50 £ for it all. I'm down to one pair of shoes though now (my ecco's) which a member kindly polished for me. Would it be ok if i got one pair of new shoes? so that i have one for nicer meetings and i can continue to use the eccos for all the work? after that shopping for the shirts and trousers my personal account is out. 

thanks for all the emails this week!

I loved this past week getting to do quite a bit more teaching than usual- we taught a lot of people and many of them were new. I just gained such a stronger testimony of the need for and the blessings that result from the Restoration. I cannot imagine what it would be like trying to find a church or religion that made sense (mainly speaking of christianity here) if there had been no restoration of the gospel in the 1800's. I do know that God lives and that if we just have eyes to see then there are so many miracles all around us.


Elder Jensen 

A funny sign we saw

Morning football. In my all white outfit..

A really pretty spot on the road home from Cambridge. Couldn't really capture the beautiful sunset behind us but on the bright side elder Burgess's hair is looking nice and orange! 

The castle park is right outside our apartment
building and they had a big concert.

the Castle

A nice panorama shot I took. Breathtaking spot- we just had to pull over

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