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Week 63-August 8, 2016

Week 63-August 8, 2016
Colchester in August
Hey fam!

This week was a really good week, for a couple of reasons. First of
all, we had MLC and I got to see all my buddies and old companions and
then we had Zone meeting and although we gave a 3 hour long training
basically that the Missionary department in salt lake wanted us to
give it was good to see the whole zone. The Brethren have changed some
things in about 15 missions worldwide and we got selected as one of
them so we had a huge training and were introduced to new planning
guidelines and they're basically just trying to upgrade missionary
work so some other changes. It's pretty exciting- everything is
focused on people and their spiritual progression rather than filling
your days with activities that make you feel busy but don't produce
much in the way of results. I feel the work hastening! It's exciting
to see the good positive changes that have been made. At MLC they
needed a musical number so Elder Murri, Elder Skinner, Elder Withers
and I sang "the armies of Heleman" or whatever that song is called and
elder murri played along on the guitar. It was good- we have done a
couple of musical items together now and I really enjoy singing with
them- they're really good singers!

We taught Jeffrey about baptism after preparing so much. I learned so
much from my preparations to teach him- he thinks the same way Dad and
what I feel like is the same way I think too - very logically and
thoroughly. He is so sincere- as we showed him scriptures and taught
simply and bore testimony about the ordinance of baptism and receiving
the gift of the Holy Ghost I felt the spirit and I could see it
testifying to him as well. By the end of the lesson he said he
believed what we had taught and it made sense to him. Then later in
the week (Sunday evening) we took a brand new RM from the ward to
teach him and Jason with us and we had a powerful lesson again after
watching the 20 minute restoration film. They accepted a baptismal
date for the 27/8 but they still are searching for an answer from God
whether it is all true or not. Jeffrey said he already believes the
Book of Mormon is true from what he is read and thus that Joseph Smith
is a prophet but now is struggling to believe that we are the only
church that has authority from God. Jason on the other hand has never
been a religious guy but since he has been praying he said that he
felt something. He thinks it makes perfect sense for there to be one
true church but struggles to picture himself changing and becoming a
religious person since he never has been. So it is always an
incredible experience to teach them because they have such different
needs and personalities. Yet, they are both so committed and genuine.
I have already grown to love them. Please keep them in your prayers! I
know God will give them the answers they are looking for.

Other than that, it's been a great week and although a lot happened
that'll have to be all for this week. I love this gospel and this
church! And I love my Saviour and Heavenly Father. And I love you
guys! Thanks for all the support and the love you give me.

Elder Jensen

Zone Training Meeting Ipswich August 2016- got some new faces!!! But a lot of old ones too.

Our exchange with Elder Coon and Elder Chong from Singapore

Margaret Randall's cakes... We were trying to get our friend to take a picture with the cake but he ran away.. But I thought I'd send this one just to prove why it's hard not to gain weight when members feed you delicious food like this. Love them so much though! This ward is amazing.

Dad- I need you to show this to Bishop Daines, I got his letter and thought I'd take a selfie with sister Daines (his niece) while holding the letter to send to him.. How cool is that! 

MLC August 2016!

Gettin air with Elder Withers! 

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