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Week 61-July 25, 2016

Week 61-July 25, 2016

Hiya Family and Friends!!!!!

So I'll save you some suspense....

We got to teach some great Ghanians. Can't go wrong with Africans for sure. They are learning a ton!! They came to church again this week. Oh man those guys never let us down. And they got to hear Elder Burgess give a stellar talk. He talked all a both his conversion and how the gospel meant so much to him. The sprit was really felt as he talked of friends bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel to Him.   

AND we saw both of them on Saturday. We saw them, got down on equal level (taught the lesson on the floor) and taught them the Restoration. The lesson was fantastic. You know how the Spirit is, you can't help but feel it when testifying of Joseph Smith. They asked GREAT questions. Actually reminded me a lot of you Dad and we tried to answer them in the best way. Hey the Spirit did most of the work so that is what counts. 

Oh and we taught a man named Jose. Not sure where he is from. I can't remember right now, BUT we taught him the word of wisdom. He fought it a little, because he is very fond of his wine, but he eventually decided to commit to living the great law of health. We are so excited!!!!  Plus I got to tell him at least 10 times that there is no "wine"ing in the Lord's kingdom. Hahaha oh it was on point. 

More people that we saw!! (Because that is how missionary work goes). Rob and Alex-a kind young couple. I got to teach with elder Cumming (an exchange. That was actually approved)! At the end we all knelt and Rob offered the prayer. The Spirit was incredibly strong. After the prayer we all remained kneeling and Rob said he felt something different. :). YES He felt the spirit he felt the spirit he felt the spirit. That was great to be a part of. Man I love these moments so much. It just reminds me of how important a mission really is and how we really we changing these people's lives. It's not exactly something you get to do every day. Especially not in a great place like England. 

Elder Burgess was able to exchange with Elder Chew who is actually dying right now...poor guy. But learned a lot of wisdom from him! So we shall apply it shortly. 

We owe the sisters an apology. Be used we stole their butter to make pancakes and didn't give them any pancakes. BUT to be fair we give them lifts so we are even. So yes pancakes were made!! We sacrificed the boiled eggs and decided to add some substance to breakfast. I consider it a large success. Except for the time when the elders were unable to catch the pancake mix. And we put so much effort into the throw. Well, toss that is. We tossed the pancake mix off of a 5 story building. BUT to our credit we did attach a handy dandy parachute to it. It floated all the way down. Right past their arms. 

Now that the suspense has been saved for a bit....

Drum roll....we are...staying together!!!  WAHOOO! I am stoked. I am fired up. Well it's just a little bit awkward cuz I told the ward I was leaving...but it's alright now it'll just be a big surprise in Sunday! Don't worry I'll tell you all about it next week. Hopefully.

We are super excited though. Transfers are always an unsure time and it's great to know that Elder Burgess and I can stay together and keep cranking it out. Maybe this is a sign too I need to pick up the British accent. Hmmm. We will see.

So begins Colchizzy part 2. :)


(Approved by Colchester sisters. We had to write it. So is the struggle of being a zone leader and having no time to ourself)

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Yea so that was written by one of the sisters here. We had to go and tract cause we have to work a certain number of hours on pdays and so we ran out of time to email but love you all! I'm staying in Colchester another 6 weeks. 

Elder Jensen

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