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Week 26-November 23, 2015

Week 26-November 23, 2015
Goodbye Hyde Park

Hey fam! 
I wish i could have gone and hiked mt wilson with Dad Lydia and Mandy! Way to go making it 10 miles Mandy! did you take any pictures? also,  WAY TO GO LYDIA! already inviting all your friends to church and inviting them to play piano for you and kylie and natalie?! you are incredible! if it makes you feel any better, being dissapointed that all the people you invite to church dont come is actually something you will face on your mission believe it or not. Natalie, i got a letter from you and you asked if i would ever write you back... i am so sorry that i havent yet. i just never seem to have any time on our preparation days so i decided to do it today so hopefully you will get it before long. Also, mandy i love your face paint! and well done Benjamin!!!! i get nervous even just to say a prayer in sacrament meeting so way to kill it and do a 5 minute talk! also thats so good to hear that you all were able to make those boxes for your christmas project. i am sure the kids who get them will be so happy. Dad, are yiwei and amanda considering baptism? have you talked it over with them yet? one scripture i love is john 14:27 and when i read about amanda's question for you and the sister missionaries thats what came to mind. never in life are we without trials and struggles; peace isnt the absence of hard things in your way it is what we find when we believe in the Saviour. it allows us to make it through those hard times and still be happy. to me there is a big difference between peace as most people perceive it and then peace that comes from Christ. just some of my thoughts. super happy to hear that they are progressing though and by the way congratulations on the new microscope and raise. hows bishop daines doing? how much are the sister missionaries in our ward involved in ward councils and with you and brother card and bishop daines? 

Mom, i am sending a package home and hopefully it gets there in time for christmas. just some stuff for the kids basically and some letters! and MAN i am so jealous of you all. eating eating and more eating... that sounds like exactly my type of vacation. Good luck to lydia and her wisdom teeth! i remember passing out with all my friends there after getting mine pulled... 

Well, Transfers have come! today is my last day in central london. Tomorrow i am going to Romford- i think the city itself i will be in is called Basildon. Its in east london so i will still be in london and i will be close enough to continue practicing to be in the missionary christmas choir! that was a huge blessing. This is huge news because this will only be my second area! i have spent this entire past six months here in Hyde Park 2!!! i am going to miss it so badly. to describe how sad i am to leave a few certain people would be very hard but luckily i will see them all again; Hyde Park is the center of everything and once a month at least i will be returning for something called MLC so i will be back quite often. president has asked me to serve as a zone leader so i will have some different responsibilities this next transfer; ive met my soon-to-be companion before but not for more than a couple of breif words so i will have to wait till next week to tell you about him. I will also wait till next week to tell you anything about the new area too. i drove for the first time this past week! i did a three hour lesson with this member  who helps out all the missionaries cause he is a driving instructor. it was pretty nuts but it felt SO good to be back behind a wheel.i miss it SO much

Other than that, i don't think i have much to report, other than the fact that as i wa packing today i felt pretty overwhelmed by how blessed i have been in my life. It seems as if the Lord has a soft spot for the Jensens or something from what you all say as well. I appreciated that you each said we have so much to be thankful for... id add my own voice to that and say that we truly do have so much and we ought to be full of gratitude... Im with lydia and i know dad has told me this before too.. Some crazy trial must be on the horizon because life isnt supposed to be this good! hahahahaha just kidding. i dont wanna jinx us. but really. id like it to stay this way hahahaha

I love and miss you all more than i can say. take care and keep being missionaries- one of the best ways is by letting your light shine so be strong and stand up for what we know and believe! i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXCCCCCCIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDD for CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder J

p.s. ill send some pic s from my ipad and i think elder murri has some on his camera as well

p.p.s. mom i am ditching my black suit... the one ive had since i was like a priest... maybe ill burn it :)

Just smooth chillin in a cemetery. I run here all the time and I just
love it so much... It's so beautiful the picture doesn't do it
justice. Sorry for the eyes it was early in the morning and I was
still tired...

This was our last district meeting!!! It was amazing. I will miss these missionaries so much... I love them- they're such a great group of people. We were like a family and it breaks my heart to leave them. I feel so honoured to have been serving with them this past transfer!
I think elder murri has some more pics and if I get them I will send them also in a bit!

Elder Hesen, Elder Andrews, Taylor, Elder Convey
Pictures sent by Bishop Nicholls of Basildon ward
Thanksgiving in Basildon 

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