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Week 22-October 26, 2015

Week 22-October 26, 2015

hey fam! Great news about all of your weeks! super exciting and fun to
read. i dont have a lot of time and i dont have a lot to report but
this week flew by and we spent tons of time just street contacting. i
swear.. i feel like i have gotten really good at talking to people and
introducing the gospel and then getting their phone numbers but they
never ever pick up or answer the phone. frustrating stuff.

This week something really really cool happened though. I was able to
interview a man who has been investigating the church for almost a
year for baptism and it was a very memorable experience in the most
wonderful way. I have been struggling to come to grips with why more
people don't decide to follow the Saviour and be baptised. At times
the question has crossed my mind, " if it really is true, why arent
people just lining up to be baptised?" Elder Holland has given a talk
and personally spoke to our mission about this very thing but it
continues to be something that i grapple with in my mind at times. To
be able to firsthand speak to this man, a magician (he's coming to LA
in 2 weeks and said he could get you all free front row seats and free
dinner and go backstage so I'll send you his email address because he
said to tell you guys to hurt email him and he can set it up) and an
extremely intelligent deep thinking spiritual man and hear his
testimony and see his courage and desire to take such a big step was
such a neat experience.  What a blessing! What dad said this week
about faith really rings true to me. There is no way that God could
have set things up differently- we have to walk by faith not by sight.
If it was any other way, then people would keep the commandments and
believe out of common sense. This way, it is truly a test and a
learning and growing experience. Many moments so far on my mission
have been very difficult- but they pass and the next day is better.
Perhaps this life will have been a very stretching, trying, difficult
and yet amazing and joyful moment in eternity in which we (like we do
in our day to day trials) experienced huge growth in a short span of
time. When I bore my testimony to Mike at the conclusion of our
interview, I felt the spirit guide my words and heard myself tell him
that I knew he was making the right choice. That he was joining the
Lord's true church. It was a very memorable moment.

Other than that, we had tons of stuff happen this week! No major
updates but I think that I am learning loads. We had a great district
meeting this week! It is such a joy to be involved in other
missionaries lives and to love and help them and I feel like I am able
to make a difference and contribute in small ways to the Lords work by
serving other missionaries, not just investigators in our area. Oh!
Cool fact! My old american heritage professor, David Kirkham, lives in
our ward and we are good friends and we were able to visit him this
week and talk over some smoothies while we were on our way to an
appointment. He is working at the BYU london center and was just
called as the bishop of the Britannia YSA ward here!

dad- thanks a ton for the info and also for your thoughts about faith
and your journal. i wonder what it would be like to be companions with
the 19 year old grant... can you guys imagine that? me and dad being
companions? mom would probably know best what it would be like because
she knew dad as a 19 year old and she knows me. i would like to think
wed be the best of buds and talk about all kinds of stuff and
contemplate the mysteries of the universe and work super well and hard
together but who knows hahahahaha its fun to imagine though.

mom-  yea we meet members all over the place (like you and dad ran
into misionaries at hyde park) and this week we got our picture taken
and they asked if i wanted them to send it to my mom so i said
absolutely! hahaha. no she isnt related to us. miracle lady.... Came
to the church on a night randomly we were there!!! Then she said she
would come to church... But she didnt come to church. and she still
didnt give us her contact info. yes i have cut elder woods hair! and
elder jacksons and elder tinaos. i just got mine cut today and for the
first time since getting here paid a barber to do it. i have been
cutting my own. As for meals, until recently, nobody in the ward ever
really fed us so we were on our own and elder wood did almost all of
the cooking. Lately, we are getting lots of meals because they called
a ward mission leader here and that is is focus. Otherwise my favorite
thing to do is get some cheap subs or just eat at home. Lots of
chicken and cereal and pasta. I have enough mission funds to cover
everything. I did spend about 100 bucks on winter jackets and a suit
from elder Chronister out of my bank account... It shouldn't have been
touched other than that really though.. That's weird. Should there be
more? Hahahahahahaha it's funny you asked if my pants still fit for
two reasons- "pants" here are your underwear, we call them trousers
here. That was one I took ages to get used to. I compliment a woman's
pants once when I was really new and she gave me the strangest look
And walked away so quickly and then elder Chronister explained it to
me. My trousers almost all fit... My waistline has definitely grown
but so far so good I haven't had to rule any trousers out yet. They
are getting awfully tight though... We don't have bikes and we take
the buses and underground trains everywhere. We could honestly walk
from one end of our area to the other in just a few hours or so though
because it's tiny. So densely populated though.

Love you all! Have a fantastic week! Keep doing missionary work and
keep being the best family out there!

Elder Jensen

Here's our pday activity: we went and bought elder wood paint supplies
(he likes art) and since I am absolutely in love with the fall colours
and trees and grass (I'm seriously turning into dad) we went to hyde
park and we are sitting against a tree for a couple of hours while he
paints and I enjoy the leaves and the grass and the peace. I seriously
am so content right now... I want to live somewhere I can have a ton
of land and plant tons of trees and where there are real seasons. I
love the cold! Elder wood hates it.. Anyways I took a panorama picture
to send you guys of mY view right now, enjoy !

And here is my new car. I thought natalie and Mandy might like it 

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