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Week 25-November 16, 2015

Week 25-November 16, 2015

SUP DAWGS! sorry for the excessive slang- i am actually trying to work on it but i can never think of a good subject for my email and theres nothing like opening with a good "sup dawgs".

All kinds of fun and exciting and hard stuff happened this week but i took some extra time to email some folks individually this week and im sorry but this one will be short this week.

all is well in hyde park 2! we had zone conference this week which was really cool and we also had an exchange and all sorts of good stuff. man- one day i will just tell you all my stories from my mission but i just hate typing for ages and ages! I finished my journal so now i need to go and buy a new one!!! that was a cool feeling. the transfer is ending next week so this will be most likely my last week here. i dont know if thats for sure or how i feel about it but its crazy to think that i have now spent a quarter of my mission here in this ward .

couple funny experiences:

me and elder murri (my zone leader) had an amazing day together on saturday for our exchange and had so much fun. hes from utah and played football and wrestled and we have become good friends since he moved into our flat. it rained all day and we spent the whole day in the rain walking around talking to people and just contacting people in their area. we were soaked- we came across a man raking up all the leaves from off of the sidewalk and i said hello and we started talking and he told us, "Leaves??? I LOVE leaves! (he was a bit nuts) My NAME is Leaves!!!! Im John LEAVES!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!" at which point he started shouting and laughing all kinds of strange stuff and he told us he was from poland- then he started saying how people litter all the time and that leaves arent litter, they are beautiful ( i agreed) then he started ranting about how there are too many dang immigrants in this city........ to which i said you're from poland!!! what are you talking about? and me and elder murri couldnt contain ourselves any longer and were laughing so hard we had to just walk away as he kept shouting and picking up piles of leaves, unaware that we were walking away. we later passed the street some time later and he was still shouting and ranting. crazy immigrants

another funny experience: that same day, we got on a train and i saw an open seat and nobody standing up so i sat down and then was talking to elder murri and looked to my left and noticed the women sitting to the left of them, a group of four or five it seemed like, were looking at me funny so i looked at them again and smiled and said hi and one of them said "are you from the play?!" and i said "nope were the real ones!" to which they all laughed and were so amused and asked us to sing one of the songs and do the dances to which we politely declined and we had a really funny conversation before we got off a stop later. we left them witha passalong card- hopefully theylll study up on what real mormons do. 

it was elder tinao's bday yesterday and so me and some other elders threw a surprise dinner for him at our flat- we cooked him chocolate pancakes and put butter pecan cake frosting on them and had ice cream to boot. it was super ghetto and last minute cause it was sunday and we couldnt go out to buy anything. it was awesome though. 

couple quick questions for dad

we got stopped by some jehovahs witnesses and they were asking some really contentious questions and i just totally joked around with them cause i didnt know what else to do and i knew if i talked seriously i would get out of hand angry cause i was already getting really angry. 

if Jehovah is the true name of the Saviour, why don't we use it? namely, why doses the book of mormon prophets and our modern revelation and scriptures say Jesus instead? 

when did the ordinance of baptism begin? if it is truly so necessary, adam and all the old prophets must have been baptised. is that true? if so, where do we read that they were? if not, did it begin with JOhn the Baptist and the Saviour? was it part of the law of moses?

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder J

Super cold brisk day. Cool church

After a call from Sister Cornwall for our email, we got this pic sent from the Hyde Park visitor center where Pres. Cornwall and Sarah had stopped to see Taylor at the conclusion of Sarah's study abroad trip around Europe.  So fun to see!

"What a great missionary!" Sue Cornwall
November 18, 2015

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