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Week 13-August 24, 2015

Week 13-August 24, 2015
Mom: MOMMA you're gunna be an amazing YW president. I have a testimony
that leaders are entitled to revelation and inspiration and if the
bishop called you to be the YW president it's because that's what the
Lord wants you to do. As a first hand witness to the way you love us
kids I'm jealous of the young women who are going to get that same
love from you.

Dad: holy cow!!! Yiwei and his wife are taking the missionary lessons?

That's fantastic! Your example must have had a serious impact on them.
Keep it up. I think you're being real smart about how to slowly pass
them off to the missionaries... Remember that they are called by a
prophet to do what they do and from first hand experience I know that
missionaries don't feel special or more knowledgeable than a more
senior member with years of wisdom and experience but I think the Lord
gives missionaries a special power and authority to bear their
testimonies. Placing your trust in them will show yiwei that you
respect their calling and have faith they will do a good job in
teaching them. So do what you think is right but my opinion would be
to air on the side of letting the missionaries do what they do as soon
as you think it's right. You may be surprised at what the a spirit
teaches yiwei and his wife through them! As grandpa says, the Lord
does the heavy lifting. As for work I hope you get the microscope! And
the raise... Hahaha

Lydia: way to be an example. Who cares if it was awkward when you
asked everyone about the cuss word cause I've found that moments like
those define you and its not about the other people its about who you
are choosing to be! look for the opportunities to make those decisions
and be an example.. youre becoming such a fantastic young woman :)
keep the boys away until i get home plz or else ill have to send nasty
letters to them from here and that would be weird

Natalie: i havent stood on a soap box and yell at everyone about the
restoration because that isnt really a tradition anymore but maybe one
day i will it would be scary but if i do ill make sure to take a
selfie with all the angry people behind me ;) and you got McCulley for
algebra!!!!!! SWEET! youll love him. hes a really really good guy.
tell him i said hello would you? sorry if he puts you in the corner
right away when he sees your last name is jensen because i remember
having some friends in that class and talking a lot.. hahaha dont
worry he wont im just kidding. Thats exciting that you and Mandy will
both be at Foothills! holy cow.. i cant believe how old you two are
getting. way to go taking up my challenge by the way too! youd best be
keeping the boys away too. 8th grade means people will be getting
boyfriends and girlfriends and none of the boys in foothills are
worthy to even tie your shoes. idk if you can tell but im strongly
against any of you girls having any boyfriends.

Mandy: dont get any boyfriends in middle school, you hear me? just
kidding hahaha i cant believe youre old enough to be a sixth
grader!!!! i remember the first day of middle school when i went with
mom and ashley and then ashley knew what to do and so it was just me
and mom and i wanted to be a big kid and not be a mommas boy but let
me tell you i stayed as close to mom as i could until we found my
class and then i finally let her leave... i was so scared! but it
turned out to be really fun and i know you'll end up loving it even if
its scary at first :) also im so glad you got to go in the ocean this
time and that your ear is doing better! thats great news..

benjamin: i didnt get any emails from Ben jamin J this week but i hope
you're doin good little man!  miss you

Ashley: Its so much fun to read your emails because kinda like mom and
dad say they hang onto every word we tell them, i look forward to
reading your emails so much!!! It so good to hear of your successes
and failures and crazy experiences dealing with abusive husbands and
all kinds of wack stuff... keep doin what youre doin. it was cool to
hear that you are the hardest working sister in the mission. im not
surprised. I really wanted to tell you that i said hello and started
talking to a man probably two months ago during my first transfer and
he turned out to be columbia and we got his number but nothing came of
it until about a couple weeks ago on a whim i called him up and we
have taught him two lessons, he's reading the book of mormon, came to
church twice,  and we passed him off to the other elders because he
turns out to be in their area not ours. But the cool part is that he
speaks very little english so i whipped out my old spanish 2 skills
off the shelf, dusted them off, and was able to get my points across
and understand him well enough to make all that happen! Ever since it
seems like we have run into so many spanish speakers and my spanish
speaking skills have tripled in just a few weeks! it has been a huge
blessing and i know it was a blessing because i have never been able
to speak the way i have been. its so much fun!!! anyways i guess i
just wanted to brag to you a little bit hoping you might be proud of
me hahaha but like i said I dont think it was me i think it was the
Holy Ghost.

whole fam: this week was really good. i dont have much to say but we
have been doing a lot of service and have had some really cool
experiences and saw some people make some real progress. and we also
had some discouraging moments but its all part of the game. what i am
learning is that members need to be missionaries... because that is
where the best work happens and so i encourage you all to keep up the
good work and be missionaries! example is the best teacher and actions
speak louder than words so live the gospel and others will notice and
things will happen. You are the best family in the world and I love
you so much. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Yours truly,

Elder J
me and elder chronister after getting some free cookies... long story

A photo of Elder Chronister and I with Augusto and Carlo our super good friends. Augusto is such a stud (the one inbetween) he was baptized at 17 in the philipines and went on a mission and was AP and everything and then came to england 8 years ago and went inactive but since we have met him and started seeing him he has been coming to church every week again and it has been the biggest blessing to see him allowing the gospel to reenter his life and be there with him every step of the way. Carlo is his good friend who is a chef and has come to church a couple of times with us and we have taught him the Restoration and i have such high hopes for him.. he is a quiet guy and we love him so much and this week we were so happy because he has completely opened up to us two and completely trusts us and isnt so quiet anymore! hes going back to the philipines for a month this week with his partner and son (he works so much and so hard to send money back to his family there) but when he returns we will try to keep teaching him! 
old but good photos someone sent me from the MTC! seems like just
yesterday me and elder withers were companions in Preston... i thought
id send these to you cause were sorta just chillin in a mall with wifi
and im bored.

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