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Week 12-August 17, 2015

Week 12-August 17, 2015

J-squad! I absolutely love the pictures!

I don't have much time because today we had an interesting experience
in the morning and then a zone barbecue on the roof of the chapel in
the afternoon and we have a dinner appointment tonight but all is well
in central London. the flat has been the same 4 elders for 10 weeks
now and im going to miss it so much because in two weeks elder Jackson
will go home and elder chronister and I will have to be split up.. It
will be really really sad to say goodbye.

I am sitting in an apostate temple right now typing this up haha me
and Elder Poole just got a tour through the free mason temple here in
London.. Nuts

So this morning we went to St. John's Wood with the two sisters in our
ward and visited a woman who isn't a member but whose friend from
America offered to get her in contact with the missionaries in order
to give her a blessing. She liked the idea so we visited her and let
me tell you it was funny and crazy and spiritual enough to be the
perfect quick story..

so we go and run into the lady on our way as we are looking for her
flat and as we walk into her home we smell soething terrible and she
realizes that the cat had pooped on the floor somewhere and that elder
chronister and herself had stepped in it and tracked it all around her
family room and hallway so as she freaked out and was swearing up a
storm we all scrubbed and cleaned her carpets which was soooooooo
hilarious for some reason. she was a single mother and has a serisous
medical condition called MA which makes her really tired and her
little girl is two and a half and that just added to the funniness of
the situation. we got to know her a little as we all scrubbed cat poo
off her floor and sister kerr played with her daughter Arrow.. her
husband is sort of a waster (loser) and doesnt ever pay for stuff or
take care of the girl when he is supposed to. she wasnt planning on
being a single mother but ended up being one as those things do i
suppose. she believes in a god with out a doubt in her mind but really
has no particular faith or way of worshipping so that was a good
discussion. anyways so as we finally all sit down and start talking
about the blessing, her daughter arrow starts her real antics. she
takes all her clothes off basically and then drags the portable
training potty into the middle of all of us and starts to go to the
restroom as happy as can be that she was the center of attention while
performing her duties..... we couldnt stop laughing it was so
funny...... it made me miss little kids in our home so badly! (mom how
about one more little sibling...) we finally got around to giving her
a blessing of healing and i sealed the annointing. i have given
blessings before and have always felt so humbled and pleaded for
guidance but this time was specail... i  knew that being a nonmember
and a newcomer to any of our beliefs, that i needed the guidance of
the Spirit more than ever before. i had no clue what i would say which
was ok because by now i have learned that the Spirit will place the
words in our mind as we speak. It has been something that i especially
learned the past few weeks giving several blessings for different
reasons. but as i gave this blessing to this very troubled and loving
mother i know that i was given the words that Heavenly Father wanted
her to hear. it was a powerful experience and one that was emotional
for both her and for me. I am grateful for the preisthood.. God has
given us as men opportunities to feel of his power and to learn from
the great responsibility it is to act through it.

I  absolutely loved hearing all of the stories of the j-cation. I cant
wait for our familiy trip to Yosemite the summer of 2017!

I love you all and am praying for you! keep being the best fam in the
whole world :) i love the emails and i love all the stories and i LOVE

Elder Jensen
Just gotta help this street learn how to live up to their street name...

Zone conference this week was amazing. Very special experience and it was so awesome as always to meet up with the old friends from the MTC! They are doing well and i even saw my old MTC comp Elder Withers today which was so incredible. (elder sanchez, bender, chiwara, and mthombeni from left to right)

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