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Week 11-August 10, 2015

 Week 11-August 10, 2015
I am so excited for you guys to be going to Yosemite! That is just
incredible........ UGHHHHH and I wish so badly I could go with... If
you get the chance you should hike to the peak of Half Dome!! And take
lots of pictures to send me and Ashley! I hope you're all enjoying
your car ride and I'm sure Benjamin is loving the game boy time cause
I know that's what I would be doing when I was his age.. Did Mandy
have to have any further things done to her ear? I know she said she
was worried she might have to stay in the hospital a couple weeks

Lydia and Natalie: sounds like girls camp was a well proper brilliant
good time! How's that for some English :) im so glad it was such a
great week and I'm not surprised at all! And lyd! YCL? Sounds like
some kind of operation.. makes me think of Tommy and gabe getting
their ACL's repaired hahahaha I'm sure you did a great job and that
everyone in your group looked up to you so much! Too bad Natalie
wasn't in your group, that would have been awesome!! I remember
bribing all the youth leaders we were friends with to put me and josh
in the same youth conference family.... Never worked

This week was a unique one and I know you have asked me lots of
questions in prior weeks that I didn't answer but maybe if each kid
thought of a question each week and so did Mom and Dad then it would
give me something to write you guys about on weeks like this when it's
hard to think of what exactly to tell you about. It's not that nothing
happened this week in fact the opposite but it's hard to remember or
choose what to tell!

It was a great week, and one funny story I thought I'd share happened
on Tuesday while on an exchange with my Zone Leader Elder Jackson (we
live in the same flat so it's not much of an exchange). We were in my
area for the day and after visiting some less active family and
finding the kids with a babysitter and no parents home and one of the
kids letting the door shut behind him and locking them all out, we
were walking away from their home when a man on a Vespa screeched to a
stop after passing us and then turned around and pulled up to the
curb.. We didn't really know what was going on so we just said hi
whatsup and he was like "hey!! Are you guys real Mormons?!? I've never
met one in my whole life and I've always wanted to!!!!" You would not
believe the shock and excitement on this mans face... We had a very
very interesting discussion in which he mostly told us his whole life
story and how he came to be atheist and we didn't have a chance to get
a word in but it was hilarious!! He told us he was gay and used to be
Scientologist or something and hated the whole confession idea and now
that he has learned and read books he knows religion is so yesterday.
Funny guy and super funny experience, he gave me his email and asked
to take a selfie on my iPad since his phone was dead. When I sent him
the pic he responded and offered to organise and take us out to eat
and talk somewhere where we could get whatever is in our "menu". He
was very determined to get us to drink a bubbly drink but we made it
pretty clear that we could not so he offered to get us pizza or
something. His name was Matthew and I'll attach the selfie. Another
quick funny story.. There are tons of stairs everywhere in tube
stations cause the underground trains are on different levels and such
and so we often help people carry strollers or luggage and we carried
some huge suitcases down the stairs for three hilarious black ladies
from New Jersey and Brooklyn and when I got down the stairs one of
them just gave me this huge bear hug from the side (definitely against
the rules but I couldn't do anything about it..hahahaha) and they
insisted on taking a photo with us. Sometimes the best chances we have
to be missionaries are just going out of our way to help folks out!
That's something anyone can do without a badge and a lesson I've
learned that I will remember long after my mission ends. it was really
really funny and of course I told them about Dad and where he served

Anyways I'll be thinking of you guys especially this week because I
can't believe you're going to Yosemite............ If these are the
blessings that your family receives for your decision to go on a
mission I don't know if I like them yo. Have fun and take tons of pics
and send them! Make sure to take a night to lay under the stars and
have dad give you the famous talk about eternities and cosmos that he
gave the Boy Scouts many years ago

This was a super random email I know.. But have a fantastic week I
will be praying for you guys!!! Enjoy the beautiful nature that you
will be in! I am going to spend a couple of months in the mountains
when I get home... I miss nature so badly

One of my favorite scriptures this week was mark 9:24. I think we can
all relate to it at times. it is powerful to know that even though
sometimes we wish our faith was stronger than it is, that the Savior
can still work miracles with the faith that we do have.

Love you all so much! I can't wait to get the J-cation shirt...

Elder Jensen

P.s. Mom thanks so much for the recipes! You are the best. There is an
"American food store" in Holland Park that we often visit and we are
good friends with the lady that works there now. Recently their
chocolate chex went on sale for a pound a box..... I got all the boxes
they had in stock

P.p.s. I bought new trainers!! So I am officially moving on from my
beaten up marathon shoes that I love so dearly :(

super cool skyscraper called the sky garden..... it was a total home run and a real gem that we sort of got lucky enough to check out. usually need reservations but we went at just the right time and they let us go up. 

Today I had Pizza Hut buffet with our zone leaders and two other elders who came into London, one who was in my MTC group and I'm buddies with but haven't seen since. Then we split and elder Chronister and I met up with elder Poole and elder wen, our buddies from Britannia and we went to St Paul's. Here's were it gets freakin awesome. Mom and dad: we used our ministerial certificates and they basically gave us v.i.p. Access to anything in the whole cathedral!!!! Everyone else had to pay 20 £ or something and they practically rolled out the red carpet for the four of us once they saw our badges! HAHAHA it was awesome!!! We went up 527 steps to the TOP OF THE CATHEDRAL I'll attach pictures but it was out of this world...... We talked to tons of members and workers and non members everywhere along the way and it was funny to chat with folks as missionaries walking around in the biggest Anglican cathedral in the UK. So amazing.... But so different from our temples. Idol worship if you ask me.. And the feeling is very different. But still... Beautiful and eerie and majestic and breath taking all at the same time 

We are sitting in Starbucks so I thought I'd send this real quick. Peace

How about that for a panorama? Imagine standing there in real life on top of a cathedral overlooking London...

Elder Chronister caught in the moment. The man the myth the legend 

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