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Week 10-August 3, 2015

Week 10-August 3, 2015
Benjamin!!! You are the man!!! im proud of you and i wish i could have been there to see the baptism, the girls' musical number, go to Bj's, and see the confirmation yesterday too. It sounds like you guys had a really incredible weekend, fhe in the tree sounds like it would be so much fun. thanks so much for the pictures mom.

MOM WHAT WERE THOSE SUPER DELICIOUS PANCAKES CALLED.. You used to make them for me on special occasions and they were so so good...... Oatmeal? Super moist soft and utterly heavenly.. I think they were oatmeal.. Sorry I know that was random but I thought of them the other day and was dying to ask you

Anyways this week was really exciting, we had some crazy goods and some crazy bads.. But I wouldn't even call them bads, they were almost more exciting and good experiences than the goods! I never have much time to say everything so I'll be breif but the Chris we met that I told you about we taught twice now and by the end of teaching him about the plan of salvation he asked us how the whole baptism things are organised and said that baptism is definitely something he wants to do!!! We had been praying hard and preparing to ask him the exact thing and so I didn't even know what to do!!!!! We had decided that August 29th was a good day for him to prepare for, and he said sure enough he would like to do that. He didn't come to church because he slept through his alarm and then there were no buses and tons of traffic yesterday morning here because of a huge bike race that went through a lot of London but he said next week he will be there and were teaching him this week again so we are very very grateful that we could cross paths and that God has prepared him to take this huge step. This was an especially humbling and very happy experience for me because it is the first time I have seen someone want to be baptized, and we had decided to fast for that very thing to happen this transfer. So we have a ways to go with him but we will do our very best to prepare him.

We also had a very good lesson with two girls named coral and Nina who we by a miracle ran into and gave our number too while it was raining suddenly and we ducked under a store awning that they were under as well. We didn't even think much of it until they gave us a call and we were shocked because the passalong card we gave them had our number written already which would normally never happen. We taught them the restoration and I for the first time felt the importance of being very bold. I realized I am a missionary and I know the Book of Mormon that we gave them is true and can help them, so I made sure to tell them just that. I also realized that when I decided to forget all my usual hesitations to be very honest and get straight to the point, the spirit put words in my mouth and when we were sincere they listened intently and i am very hopeful that they will progress. We had another equally interesting and quite opposite experience as well, where two girls wanted to meet us at Starbucks and ended up basically trying to save us from our own brainwashing.. Ok I keep trying to type this email and Gmail keeps deleting big chunks and random bits that I've already written it's super frustrating and I don't have time to rewrite it all.. So I'm sorry but I'm just gunna finish up! It was a great week full of all kinds of crazy people and great experiences and I wish I could tell you about all of them! I love you all tons have a wonderful week and I love reading your weekly emails so much. 

Benjamin- I'm so proud of you! You will make a great missionary someday and you are becoming quite the stud.. Keep up the good work! Mandy I didn't get an email from you yet but I hope your ear is feeling better and that gymnastics is going super! I'll bet the party and fhe was so much fun. Natalie- it's super to hear about all the exciting stuff going on I hope you have another great week! Don't kiss any boys.. Lydia you either and good luck getting everything ready with kyara for girls camp! You're going to be fantastic I just know it. Teach them all about the 90/10 rule! 

I'll attach some pics and might get a chance to write some more a little later but I just wanna send this so it doesn't delete anything again! LOVE YOU 

elder J
Zone meeting with th e whole squad. Notice the matching companion ties...

Whole zone going to Chinese buffet last pday!

The British museum outside had some incredible courtyard with huge columns and the kids will know what I mean when I thought I was Percy Jackson walking into The temple of Olympus or something.. Such an awesome place

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