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Week 7-July 13, 2015

Week 7-July 13, 2015
Hey fam!
This week was one of the best I've had out here. We saw a lot of good
things happen and also had a really fun week. I'm super jealous of you
all getting to go to Island park and have the family reunion!! It
sounds like it has been spectacular in every way. How is grandpa
doing? Lydia it's so good to hear that EFY was amazing and that you
grew so much in spiritual ways, that's fantastic! What are your
thoughts on serving a mission? You would be an incredible missionary,
have you started to think about it yet? Natalie Mandy and Ben didn't
email this week but I hope you're each loving Idaho!!! Enjoy the
jetskis for me!!

A quick experience to share with you happened on Wednesday. We decided
to fast and were praying for new investigators because we aren't
really teaching anyone. The night before, while planning where to go
to find people, i suggested Warwick Avenue and elder chronister said
that'd be fine. He later told me he thought about saying no cause it's
a lot of travel time. The next day when we walked out of the tube, I
talked to one lady but she was Russian and couldn't speak English so I
gave her a pass along card and then a well dressed older Jamaican man
with a cane turned the corner, saw me, I smiled at him and he shouted
"missionaries!!" He said he hasn't seen missionaries in Warwick Avenue
for quite some time and wondered if they didn't go there anymore! He
invited us over for dinner Monday evening and was the funniest man
ever. He would laugh so hard at everything we said and it was the
funniest thing ever. He was so excited to have us over and has
confirmed that we can come tonight. For that to happen on the one day
we fasted is unexplainable by any way other than the Lord's hand.

We don't have much time for emailing today because a good friend of
mine from my MTC group and his companion (who is going home in one
week) are coming into London today (other missionaries can only come
into London on pday once a transfer) and we're going to meet up with
them and we also have a zone picture scavenger hunt and then dinner
with Mitchell today but I'm praying and thinking of you guys always.
Have a wonderful remainder of the reunion if anyone asks, I'm doing
well and wish I could be there!

Love you all with all my heart!

Elder Jensen

P.s. Dad I have more questions coming but I'll send them next week for
lack of time! Thank you so much for your answers last week I was more
excited than you could imagine to hear your thoughts and they helped
tremendously. I shared some of them with my companion and the other
elders in our flat and it sparked some great discussions.

Mom I'll think about recipes! Thank you so much. I'll send some pics
as well in another email. Love you! Sorry I know you asked some
questions... I'll try to answer them next week! But yes prescient and
sister Stevens are incredible and yes I see them in the chapel often.
The mission home is technically the chapel I think but they live next
door, on exhibition road but not in the Visitors centre

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