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Week 6-July 6, 2015

Week 6-July 6, 2015
Great week guys! and to be honest i dont have time to read all the family emails before sending this so i cant respond to them but i will read them later today on the tube and tonight when i get the chance but i need to use this time to write you guys instead of just read the whole time. im sure you all understand.

This week we met PRESIDENT AND SISTER STEVENS!!!! THey are incredible. i can already tell that i am going to love them. president stevens is super legit and completely different from president jordan. craziest thing, last monday night (president and sister jordans last night here) we got to go up to chapel roof THE ROOF OF THE CHAPEL ON EXHIBITION ROAD and make smores with president and sister jordan and the AP's and one other pair of elders and some senior couples. it was surreal, because president jordan for the first time i have seen him was totally chill and laidback and just grilling and laughing and all of a sudden was a regular guy. confession: ive hugged sister jordan probably at least 5 times now because i see them all the time and we act like it was going to be the last time every time so she hugs us. totally illegal. back to president and sister stevens though, sister stevens is the recent counselor on the general primary presidency! and wow is she incredible. it will be so much fun to get to know them

ok i really have to be breif this week but a quick story is that we have found a filipino family to teach in the funniest way ever!!! this week it was hotter than it has ever been here since 2006... let me tell you i kept thinking of dads stories of new york. worst thing ever to be in a tie and white shirt and SLACKS walking around in humid hot weather just DRIPPING sweat and feeling it run down your back and legs every time you stop moving... my laundry has never smelled so rank as it did this week lemme tell you it was pungent as heck today when i put in in the washer. anyways it was on this one crazy hot day that we were trying to visit some member and there was a filipino family next door just sorta hangin out in the shade so we asked them for some water and they filled our bottle twice and we just downed the whole thing a couple of times. we kept talking to the father named Matt and he eventually offered to have us over for dinner next week so that he can cook us this really good filipino dish hahahaha we were so pumped. thats this saturday so we are going to try to have a filipino teach us how to sing happy birthday in tagalan before then and well make him a cake cause its his birthday

tongs of appointments fell through this week but it has been an incredible week for my confidence in finding and stopping people. i feel that i am finally making some progress and it is getting easier.. i am also more comfortable with peoples stares and glances and strange looks and feel at home with it all and am coming to love being a missionary even when it means standing out. it makes me constantly concious of how i am acting and how i treat others, which is good.

this week a bunch of us missionaries in our zone sang for a girls baptism yesterday and it was beautiful!!! we practiced a lot and every day in companionship study with other other elders in our flat. it turned out really really well and it served as a very sweet spiritual experience for me. we sang come unto christ and ill try sending lydia a video later idk if itll send but maybe it will. 

weve been visiting lots of members and less actives because we just arent having much success finding people who will show up to appointments. we can get a lot of phone numbers on the street but they never amount to anything. this week we got some appointments lined up for the upcoming week though so im hopeful. starting to get to know the ward better. my american heritage professor from byu is in my ward now and he'll be here for 3 years so that has been a lot of fun to talk to him and all the other people in the ward. but when it comes down to it, the funnest is talking to other missionaries and mainly in our flat at nights and mornings. 

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY AWESOME PART! happy july 4th!!!!!! first independence day spent in the loser's country. it was awesome we barbecued on our balcony and make cake and no bake cookies and just pigged out like crazy. ill attach a pic. also we bought a bench press for our flat and weve been using it. me and elder chronister ran 18 miles last week total and some of our runs were amazing.... just incredible sights. hyde park one morning had mist from the rain the night before and the sun was barely up so everything was magical and it was almost like i was in a dream as we ran through the quiet gardens.. it has been incredible to see londons sights in the morning when it is packed with tourists and people. 

love you all so much!!!! pray for you each every night and miss you dearly! good luck in everything that you all have this week and god bless america! mom ill send the pics in a seperate email thats easier. also tell ben that im sending him a letter today that he cant open until his birthday

Elder Jensen

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