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Week 4-June 22, 2015

Week 4-June 22, 2015

First and foremost Happy Father's Day Dad! I thought a lot about you
yesterday and I am so grateful for everything you have done throughout
my life to put me on the right paths, teach me what it means to be a
good father and husband, and been my number one role model all my
life. It wasn't until I was in BYU that I began to notice how much I
have learned Sent from my iPad

This week was wonderful and I am starting to get to know the ward much
better now! They're great and I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday
and we had an investigator and a less active guy we really want to
bring back there with us. There were a ton of byu students who are
going to the study abroad London program who came to our ward as well.
The chapel always has overflow because it's so constantly packed with
visitors especially this time of year. The bishop told us sometimes
it's more than 50% visitors on Sundays. Isn't that crazy?!? I spoke
about my fav scripture story and also why I love reading the
scriptures and it is crazy how hard it was for me to pick a story.. I
have been reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning and I'm just
starting alma now and there are already so many things I have loved...
To the kids, tell them my new fav Book of Mormon character might be
Gideon and to look him up he's in mosiah.

We did a lot of finding this week which is just talking to everyone on
the street and for the first time did split finding where me and elder
chronister split up and found separately for a couple hours. Let me
tell you, it sucks to be ignored and brushed off by strangers over and
over.. I feel like a salesman sometimes. I hate that feeling so
instead I try to be myself and instead walk up to people and
compliment their nike's or ask them about their fav restaurant on the
street and then talk about the gospel once we have already started
talking. There are some crazy people here. Me and elder chronister
call the wackos and they're all over the place. When I see or meet
older folks like that I just feel so terrible that they are on the
streets smoking and drinking and their kids probably don't care
anymore and they're alone and I just hate to think of what that would
be like. I spoke with an older man named Philip who calls himself "the
law" and wasn't playing with a full deck of cards and once I realised
that and he told me he lives in a care home, I stopped asking him to
come to church with me and just asked him all about his life and then
he asked me for a couple of pounds so he could buy a drink. I gave him
all my change and as I walked away he kept saying goodbye elder Jensen
over and over and was so happy that I felt better about being rejected
by so many people. I did get some numbers and an appointment and gave
away a couple of book of Mormons so it wasn't fruitless just a tough
learning experience. I did an exchange on Tuesday with Elder Leite who
lives in our flat and is a zone leader on Tuesday and we had a great
day and I learned so much from him, I just love that guy. Our flat is
so much fun and the evenings are a blast.. Someone is always randomly
trying to work out with our tiny dumbbells and the rest of us are
eating and messing around. IMPORTANT: I'm gaining a lot of weight.
Elder C is inspired by my marathon story and ever since he has been
wanting to run so we ran through Hyde park a few times in the mornings
and it is beautiful. I feel very blessed to be where I am. Although in
the city itself I have learned that even though I'm really growing to
love London, I do not picture myself ever living somewhere like this.
I want a lot of grass and a huge yard and a pickup truck. I have seen
maybe 5 pickups since getting here and that is not an exaggeration.
It's not a money issue because we live in one of the richest most
expensive places in the world.. There's a Lamborghini shop down the
street and I've seen more ferraris (one tinted gold) and amazing cars
here than in my whole life. But the standard of living is so
different! People are so cramped and live in flats not houses! It's
totally different style of living.

Loved reading the kids emails!! And mom you should know that I've been
cooking for myself and learning a lot.. Could you send me an email of
some basic recipes for things? I can refer to my emails anytime just
not send them except on p day just like the sisters said

Holy cow there have been some insane people we've met and not just
crazy people but people with absolutely incredible life stories! We
met with a recent convert whose a little less active but has a
testimony like none other....... He's like the most interesting man in
the world! Has over 400,000$ worth of stamp collection and spent most
of his life as a miner and housing orphans in the jungles of the Congo
and so many other stories that were very powerful about his conversion
and prayers being answered. Made me and elder c want to talk to every
single person we could!!

Lydia I can't wait for your letter and it's good to hear everything is
going so well. You sound like you learned a lot about service this
week and that's great. I'm proud of you! That's a valuable lesson to
learn and we all can work on that!

Lots of things but I don't have time to write them all so just know I
love you guys and missed you a lot this week thinking about Father's
Day! I don't think I've ever been more grateful for you guys, I have
often taken our wonderful family for granted but truly it has been the
greatest blessing for us to have each other and personally for me you
all mean the world to me. Mom I love the pictures!!M hahahaha
Benjamin's face is so funny.. And congrats on making it to summer
everyone!!!!! Good luck in New Hampshire dad and good luck with the
kids mom.

Love you all!!!

Elder Jensen

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