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Week 5-June 29, 2015

Week 5-June 29, 2015
You went to a drive in theatre?!? yo what's up with that fam??? Why couldn't we have done that before I left!! Sweet though it sounded fun.. 

Quick question I want you to think of an answer too: How long do you think it would take to grow your hair long enough to put them in dreadlocks and have them touch your ankles when you're standing up? 

Benjamin are you serious? You slept in till 8:30?! Woah man... Careful or you might turn into a teenager bro! Staying up late and sleeping in late? Sounds like the life. Mandy I'm sorry you were sick but good luck in nationals this week! I know you'll do great! Keep working out those thumbs, typing on an iPad is the same way so we'll have a thumb war when I get back.. Natalie that's so cool you went to Youth conference, I miss that! Sounds like it was a ton of fun. Also could you make one of your CDs and send it to me? There is a CD player in every missionary flat and I'd love to listen to you and Lydia! Also happy to hear your speech is coming along! Lydia, I'm so pumped you're working at Caltech! Thanks for the picture. I thought about you this week while talking to new people and knew you would be meeting all the smart scientists and I know they will all love you. They're each a little quirky in their own way so you've just gotta give time to get closer to them and you'll love them all! Dads lab is full of super nice great people. Not to mention smart... And yo chill out sis take it easy with the homework and work and being the next prophets wife don't stress yourself out too much! It's summer!!!! You're in my thoughts and prayers and I know you like to do a lot just don't work yourself to death :) 

This week was a crazy one and involved a ton of finding which is the toughest part of missionary work because you literally just stop everyone and try to talk to people. It has been a learning experience because it is hard but I'm starting to see some progress and it's getting a little easier. I expect it will always be hard but that it will get easier over time. We are teaching a girl and she constantly has so many questions and they are always very good questions that are hard to answer, but strangely i find it always strengthens my own faith when she asks these questions. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense but somehow I leave having many questions and not knowing what the answers are but yet I feel a little more sure that this gospel is true then I did before. Any ideas why? 

While walking out of the chapel one day I saw some folks taking a pic on the other side of exhibition road with the chapel in the background and as I looked closer it was Nate Austin, the byu basketball player!! He waved at me so I waved back but didn't go talk to him (kinda regret that but it's alright) 

A story I thought I'd tell you guys was a miracle to me because I was having an especially hard time while finding and was very discouraged and then a guy caught my eye as we walked past and asked if we were Mormons to which I said yes and then we began talking to him. Turns out this guy has always felt a connection to the Mormon church and although he was a little drunk and very strange, he was extremely sincere and said there were many things he wanted to change and wanted to know about our church and felt like he could be useful. He is an artist, and a self proclaimed theosophist.. Which is a cross between theology and philosophy. He spent 10 years in jail, and has a heck of a crazy past. He began to cry when we told him we would help him and he kept saying that it was no coincidence that we crossed paths, and he knew we were Mormon without seeing our badges because of the way we looked and the feeling he got around us. He said that we were almost divine.. And that we look like twins hahaha but anyways he was SO determined to make sure we would meet at his home that I realised although 100 people could turn us down, somebody might just need us and actually want us to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. His name is Mark David Alexander Luim.

We had a 3 week missionary meeting so I got to see all the missionaries from our MTC group and it was the greatest reunion ever!!!! I didn't realise how much I love those other missionaries even though we only spent 2 short weeks together.. I can already tell every time I get to see them will be so happy. I hope I get a chance to be companions with one of them 

This week I am incredibly sad but excited at the same time because President Jordan and Sister Jordan are leaving tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet president and Sister Stevens though and I feel incredibly blessed to have met and gotten to know the Jordan's before they left, because they are simply amazing. They have transformed this mission and made it what it is and every missionary here respects and loves them so much. It would take so long to describe them but President Jordan is sure to be a General authority or something because he is the most loving and yet intimidating man you'll meet because you can feel his powerful presence and testimony. He is something else... But he knows just what to say to you and for the small moments he speaks to you personally you feel like he knows everything about you and you just feel how much he loves you. Sister Jordan is so funny... She is so motherly and loving and so sassy it's hilarious! They are perfect for each other and I have gotten to know each of them just well enough to know that I will never forget them! They made a real impact on me and I'll always remember what they taught me. 

We've been running lately in the morning exercise time and the other day ran past Buckingham palace, through the Marble Arch, some beautiful parks, and finished at Big Ben, hopped on the tube and went straight home. It was incredible to think that on a morning jog, we could do that.. So sweet!!! I feel very blessed to be serving in such a remarkable area. 

My toenail has been dead and basically hanging on just barely for quite some time, ever since the marathon it has been messed up and it finally fell off. Thought about sending mom a picture but I figured that would be a little too gross

Legend has it that Kiera Knightley lives right behind the chapel in this secluded neighbourhood. Also David Beckham owns a house on Bishop's street! One remarkable thing is that there are so many poor, homeless even, people living amongst some of the richest people in the world here in the heart of London. It's fascinating the diversity here, you never know who you're going to meet!!

As Lydia says, LOLAP! (Lots of Love and Prayers)

Elder J-swiggley big daddy Jensen 

P.s. It takes 54 years! I asked, and when it starts dragging on the floor he still isn't going to cut it! Makes me think... In a way Rowland (the guy) is like an older, blacker, way less pretty version of Rapunzel :) 

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