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Week 98-April 10, 2017

Week 98-April 10, 2017

Dear J-squad,

Those pictures are beautiful... I cant wait to go back there this summer. Looks like it was a lot of fun. 

I'll start with the spiritual; some neat things that happened this last week in our area and with investigators. 

Carly got really sick this weekend on the day of their appointment with the registrar a few towns away, and when it seemed like they weren't going to go and just reschedule again, i felt so much disappointment. It has taken so long to get this registrar done and if it gets delayed any longer I won't be here to see it finally happen. I said a prayer upstairs in a small room in our flat, came back downstairs and Elder Hathaway suggested we call Jamie and see if there was any way it could be done that day still. He answered and told us he had gotten on the phone with them, and paid over the phone and taken care of it that morning already cause he is so ready to go through with the wedding and didn't want to delay it anymore so they should be getting married on the 6th of may, and probably baptized the same day or the 7th. Good way to finish.

This sunday, we were pretty discouraged that none of our investigators came to church. We knelt and prayed after all the meetings for guidance on how to proceed this transfer together and got a text and call soonafter we finished from a less active sister whose family we have visited a lot since coming to Dover. she said she had a boy at her place who needed our help and she knew she could trust us to help him. We went straight there and had a lesson with this young man (in his 20's) who knew Tom; the less active sister's son who we have also been working with to get him back to church. long story short, Jared (the guy) is now investigating the church as a way for him to turn to the Lord and something good instead of crime and drugs. Tom even agreed to go to church with him and his mother this sunday. I couldn't believe how quickly the Lord answered our prayers, but it just goes to show that this is His work not ours.

Elder Hathaway is a stud! He has such a good heart and is so loving and has a huge desire to work. This is his 4th transfer and 2nd area but we work really well together. it's been a lot of fun working together and we get along really well. I'm really excited to finish with him. He's from Kaesville Utah and is a sports guy and we keep laughing about how similar we are and were at home.. It's a hoot. Great guy. We'll be able to do a lot of good in this ward I think. 

Now for that crazy thing that happened on wednesday.. we were in london for transfers to pick up Elder Hathaway and then elder yamada and his new companion apparently got seperated on the trains in the underground and couldnt find each other (its a nightmare when this happens and Elder Yamada wouldnt really know what to do) so the assistants asked us to go and sort them out so we were finally going back to the train that takes us to Dover much later then normal and i got onto a train and recognized a young teenage guy but didn't say anything right away.. sure enough he asked me a minute or two later if i was Luke Karsana's friend Taylor and I remembered he was his little brother! then a girl standing closeby too asked if I remebered Aaron Harvey(my old basketball teammate) and i realizd she was his younger sister. so my mind is being blown and all of a sudden everyone is asking if I'm taylor Jensen and if i was Lydia's brother hahahaha then the funniest moment was hearing Jillian from down the train say "TAYLOR JENSEN?!?" and her and Shen running down the train.. HAhahahaah it was nuts I about passed out when I saw them. Anyways, the chances of getting onto the same train and the same carraige on the only day I've been in London for a few weeks is next to nothing so I agree that who knows why but I'm sure there was a reason. anyways it was really neat to see Jillian, she seems so mature and reminded me a lot of Sister Moore her mom! and Shen was about a yard taller than I remember him and I hardly recongized him! He seems like he's grown a lot in a really good way though. Hahaha so that was that!

Mom, thanks for trying to call for me; I'm sure they'll be ok with it and I hope you can get me into that MCOM class this week. Thanks so much for trying to figure it all out for me, you are the best.

I will miss being there for the Easter traditions and Dad's story and the sunrise. I found myself bearing my testimony about the Saviour and Easter and telling someone in a lesson about our family's traditions and had to blink back some tears as I thought about what an impact those simple traditions made on my testimony of Christ and His triumph over death. I expect to see some photos next week of the sunrise!

Anyways, love you all. this was really long.. sorry!

With love,

Elder Jensen

Hurrah for Israel 

Bucket hats for doing some work in someone's yard. I think I look a bit like a pilgrim but elder Hathaway looked great in his and companionship unity is important 

Evie in her cute bear pj's...

Little vid of me throwing a duck egg from some members chicken at a telephone pole mid drive with the other elders on the way home... They peer pressured me into doing it 

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