Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 80-December 5, 2016

Week 80-December 5, 2016


Glad to see everyone had a good week! I'm a little jealous about
having dinner at the Daines but Other than that it's good hear that
everything is going well. Congrats to Natalie for winning first place
with her volleyball team!

All is well in London. I have very little time to email so I'm just
going to be brief.

My companions name is Elder Metcalf and he is from Salt Lake City.
He's a stud- very cool guy. Very good leader and is very loving to
everyone especially to the members and the missionaries. I can already
tell I can learn a lot from him and we've had fun together so far so
I'm excited to spend Christmas together.

Sherree passed her baptismal interview and the baptism is this Sunday-
I'm so happy for her. She has changed a lot and you can see such a
difference in her since she has been coming to church and reading the
Book of Mormon. She even told us she had already tried to donate
tithing online but couldn't figure out how when we taught her about
it! She's incredible.

Angela and her sons came to church and are doing pretty well. I still
pray for them so much because Angela is trying to figure out how to
get married so they can be baptised. Also she is still waiting for a
clear answer about the Book of Mormon. So still progress to be made
with her. Funny quote from Cassi (her son) this week: "if Jesus were
alive today there would be a LOT more christians.. " and agapi (the
other son) said in his prayer to God "we know that judas betrayed you
but ... that doesn't mean you failed..." hahaha

Big news: last week before elder mthombeni left, an old investigator
called and asked us to come visit. It was a ghanian family and we
taught them 3 times last week and they loved church on a Sunday!

Zone changed a lot. Should be a whole different ball game this transfer!

Hope y'all have an awesome week. the gospel is true!

Much Love, Elder Jensen

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