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Week 69- September 19, 2016

Week 69- September 19, 2016

Lea Valley Brotha!
Lea Valley is SICK! 

sorry- the white handbook says no slang and im still working on cutting all the slang i use out but i cuoldnt resist. this ward is super cool i already love it. its unique- some things are kind of crazy but the ward is full of great characters and the area is amazing. we live in a nice flat with one other companionship of elders and we have a great time. The ward is mostly african with a columbian family philiphino family and a few other middle eastern and british families here and there. the area is really diverse. (london is a melting pot) my companions name is Elder Mthombeni- he's an absolute champ. He's from south africa and he was in the mtc with me and elder withers; he's such a funny guy and a great missionary too. Hes an excellent teacher and is very spiritual but also a great people person. hes good at dancing too. we work hard together and well too- i think we compliment one another's strengths pretty well. 

A couple of cool experiences: first of all my birthday was great. we had zone conference on friday so i was with lots of missionaries i knew and who have become my friends so it was a great way to spend it. Also, thanks to your package i felt the love from you all! an african family in the ward also made us african food for my birthday and thats always a plus.

mom: i love the shoes and the tie and the byu shirt and everything else! thank you to you and everyone else who helped out with the gifts. i loved them!

so, theres a polish man named Pavel and this is his story in a nutshell. he read the book of mormon cover to cover in one night, stopped smoking cause of the Spirit he felt as he read, and now wants to be baptised. he went to church a few times in poland. we got a text this week from him and set up an appointment- he lives in our area. theres a polish missionary in the zone so we had her skype with us for the lesson and he chose to be baptised on the 16th of october. he went to church yesterday and we just feel so blessed to be able to teach him.

another cool experience: there was a baptism of a woman named Diana on sunday after church and the member who was baptising her brought his little brother along to church and the baptism. we pounced of course and got to know him and he loved church and said we can come teach him this tuesday and he has a family! Best of all, his brother will be coming with us to teach him. so exciting. his name is Kwaku and hes from ghana. 

third cool experience: i found a suit in the flat that fits me! i had it tailored a bit so the trousers fit better but other than that its all good in the hood. as my friend Isaac Swagshaw used to say, "its better to look good than to feel good." HAHAHA the suit is a bit tight around the waist but it looks good so i just gotta lose some lbs and then itll be perfect! 

anyways, im happy to be back in London. its a place where you can always talk to someone; you are hardly ever alone. we are always on buses, tubes, trains, or walking and there are people everywhere to talk to. I just love this work and love Jesus Christ the more i understand the gospel and the plan of salvation. Have a great week! youre the best family a person could ask for.

Elder Jensen

Our zone Skype conference call this past week! 
Sorry not many pics this week. Maybe more next week! I've got a nice video of us dancing for you though. 

China town on pday!with the new shoes from mom!

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