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Week 39-February 22, 2016

Week 39-February 22, 2016

Ash- is this the email you are using now? you keep asking me to send
it to you but i thought that i was already! dad, if she has a
different one now i will need to send it to her new address too now i

Anyways, Mom im still waiting for those pictures!!!!! now that you
said you have some time and your laptop is fixed, i would love it if
you sent them soon! buut no wrries i know youre super busy. Sounds
like everyone had a pretty awesome week! Dad- this sounds like a huge
project... you asked everyone to drop everything and now everyone in
the lab is working on the same thing? thhat sounds crazy! and i
totally agree with what you said- i had no idea what you did at work
until i started working there. I still feel bad for falling asleep a
couple of times but i had so much fun and learned so much working with
you. Yeram told me about her mission call, how awesome!!!!!!
Zimbabwe?!?! we are teaching a couple people from zimbabwe ( they call
it 'zim') and im gunna tell them about that. but hold the

 JOSH GOT ENGAGED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!!? THAT HOSER DIDNT
the flip!!!!!! august!?!? thats nuts!!!!!!!!! he must be so
happy!!!!!!!! and man ill bet the coltons are so excited too!!! he is
so in love... he always tells me about her. i figured it was gunna
happen soon.

well, nothing i have to report sounds nearly as interesting anymore
after all the news but i will do my best.

my new comp's name is Elder Silva and he is a convert from Brazil.
Amazing guy- hes been out for about a year and 4 months and he is a
really amazing missionary. I have been awoken to the reality that
converts really do make amazing missionaries. they know how to connect
with investigators and they always have a strong testimony in every
principle and commandment of ht e gospell cause they had to get one or
they wouldnt have joined the church- it has been such a blast working
together. mom, elder hesen's first name is Jake if you wanna add Jake
Hesen on facebook hahaha.

Lydia- so true. you teach people in the craziest places and often the
people you teach are kind of crazy as well. it takes some time to
learn how to be bold and ask people to maake the enviornment friendly
to the Spirit but you learn to just do it. people will respect you if
you are bold with them- so be bold with people especially young men
cause they better be keeping thier distance anyways.

So cool to hear that ashley is in the lab and back to work and im
amazed at how many times they have asked her to speak... thats cool
though she is probably super inspiring and still mega RM mode. Still
got a red hot testimony- theyve gotta make good uuse of it! have you
seen christie or portia or any of your old friends since youve gotten
back? what are they up to these days? how soon are you going back to
BYU again? i am so forgetful. I love you though and wish you the best
in your adjusting. if you have to, you could make a bunch of desserts
and send them to me if you are really craving some way to serve. i
guess i wouldnt mind if it would help you.

thank you all SO much for the valentines day
package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  funny story... i was in the
cultural hall of the hyde park chapel on the morning of transfers
cause i was asked to stay wihth my companioin and make sure everyone
got their new companions and left to their areas and then a visitors
centre sister brought me the package and i could tell she was kind of
hiding a smile and i was a little confused till i looked down at the
package and saw all the hearts mom drew on the front.... man i was
emberassed but hey whatever- the important part is that i loved the
cards and the
chocolate, right?! Thanks so much you guys.

mom, glad to hear you had a safe trip and got to see so much family.
are grandma and grandpa going to be alright?

also, dad, is grandpa jensen doing well? how is he and his new wife?
do the traynors and stuart and brandy still have them over for dinner
pretty often?

Love you!!!!!! The Book of Mormon is true- whatever anyone says about
the church or whatever questions and doubts you or anyone may have,
that is the one truth that resolves them all. It is true, and because
of that, everything falls into place. it is really the answer for
everything- i dont know why more people dont open their eyes and their
hearts and read it. the adversary really does have such a strong hold
on the people's hearts. and they dont even realise it- it is so sad.

Hope you all have an amazing week! i will be praying for yall!

yours truly,
Elder Jensen

sorry no pics this week...

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