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Week 35-January 25, 2016

Week 35-January 25, 2016

Hey fam! It snowed here last week! But that's not the most exciting
thing that happened. Nagaret was baptised and her whole family came
and loved it! She was confirmed yesterday by a portugese high
councilman in Portuguese so her family could understand and it was
amazing to see how happy she was. She truly is amazing.

We also had interviews with President and this time, Sister Stevens
also sat down with each missionary in a different room too which was
so nice. They are both incredible people, and I don't know how they do
everything that they do but I know the Lord helps them. Mom, sister
Stevens reminds me so much of you. Anyways it was a good day and it
was really nice to see the whole zone and have some time together and
have one on one time with President Stevens. I told president about
Ashley going home this week!

Christiana was unable to be baptised this past weekend because of a
timing constraint but she will be baptised next Sunday! We are so
excited for her. She knows so many of the members now. She has some
concerns about Joseph smith becaus she saw stuff online. I was
actually really angry this week about all the people who make up stuff
and who work hard to destroy people's faith. If they were good people,
they would be doing it all in order to help people know the truth so
they could be happier- but in reality I don't think any of the anti
Mormon stuff is made in an effort to "help" people. I think their
origin probably all comes from negative feelings on resentment or
bitterness, and that to me is evidence enough that their claims are
baseless. Anyways, I'm worried because there is so much stuff out
there and i hate feeling as if I don't know the "truth" about our
church's early history and things like that. Dad, mom, ash, any
advice? It's no biggie because I know that the Book of Mormon is true.
Nobody could have written it on a farm in the 1820s, that's just
ridiculous. And it has such a power to bring me understanding and
answers to my biggest questions. I love the Book of Mormon and I just
wish I had hours and hours every day to study the scriptures and know
everything there is to know about the gospel. I'm worried too because
I doubt I will even have as much time as I do now to study the
scripture when I go home..

I didn't take my driving test last week because it was at 810 a.m. And
they cancelled everyone's test because of the icy conditions, so I'm
taking it this Wednesday instead.

For my spiritual realisation this week, I have been thinking a lot
about the people who never accept the gospel. Which is most people. I
don't think that Their lives are less effective towards their
spiritual growth or that they will progress less towards their divine
potential then we will, because the Lord knew that this would be the
case, where 99% of His children  would not have the gospel in their
lives here on earth, but He still sent them. I believe that everyone
must still learn so much and their experiences must be so crucial to
their eternal growth, regardless of whether they accept the gospel
here on earth. It's not their one chance- many of them never even have
that one chance! Each child of God has a specific mission here on
earth and will become so much more because of their experience in
mortality, even without the gospel. That being said, their progress
will exponentially increase if they do accept the gospel and perform
the ordinances that will qualify them for further progression. And the
sooner, the better. Although I imagine most people will do that during
the Millenium, unless I'm confused and in reality not many of Gods
children will be exalted. That's a question for another week.

It sounds like yet again, everyone had a killer week!!!!! You all are
just so awesome!!!!! How did I land such a sweet family? By the way,
to answer your question dad when I say "keep reppin the J squad" it
means "keep representing the Jensens so well to the rest of the world"
in other words, or" keep bringing honour to our family" as a Chinese
person might say.

I love you all!

Elder J swizzles

P.s. Lots of pics this week- I'll just send a few probably though.. We
went and visited a castle in Southend for Sister Matthews bday

Nagaret and her family and the two sister missionaries who taught her before we did!

Me and elder nakaimia my Japanese friend!

me and elder Hesen

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