Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 38-February 16, 2016

Week 38-February 16, 2016
Companion #4, transfer #7

Hey fam, it sounds like all is well in Canada and Arcadia and Australia!

We got our news for transfers, I'm staying in Basildon and I will be
getting a new companion today (obviously) who I will take back to
Basildon from London tomorrow. His name is Elder Silva and he is from
Brazil! Remember Nagaret and her husband and 2 kids?  Elder Silva will
be able to teach them in Portugese and help them learn English! It's
perfect. Also, there is another family in our zone close by who speak
Portugese and are preparing for baptism as well so he will be able to
interview them and help them as well. I am really excited to serve
with him, I knew him briefly in Hyde Park and he is really hard
working. Maybe I will learn some more Spanish and some Portugese from

Our zone will be changing completely- every companionship (we have 9)
is changing except for one and three will be brand new greenies so
it's gunna be crazzzzzy. Elder Silva and I will have our work cut out
for us, but that's good cause it'll make for a really fun exciting
transfer hahaha.

Investigator wise, Christiana wants to be baptised now!!!!! We set a
date for her and she is set on it. March 13th! Which just happens to
be the weekend that Elder Hesen is coming back to London with his
sister to visit so he might be coming!!! BECAUSE..... Vladamir,
Leonardo, and Andrea are also set on being baptised that same day!!!!
(Nagarets family). We had a lesson with them and the Portugese family
who teaches them with us and at the end, Leonardo (the 8 year old son)
said a prayer while we all knelt together and it was really special. I
could feel the Spirit and knew that praying as a family on your knees
is what makes Families so close and what more could anyone want then
to be with their family forever. It made me think of all the times we
would kneel and hold hands to pray together and how I never
appreciated what a difference that made in our home and my childhood.
I love the memories I have from home.

The four of us missionaries spoke in sacrament meeting and it went
really well! We had a mini zone conference in London last week and
Elder Hesen and I gave a training to the two zones. Oh, guess what?!
My trainer, elder Chronister, is an assistant to the president now and
he will be doing call in reports with me next transfer for our zone so
I'll be calling and talking to him every single week now hahahahaha.
This week was crazy and super busy but I just can't think of anything
else to say cause I always forget everything. But it was good.

Sorry all I can talk about anymore is missionary stuff that isn't that
exciting to anyone besides missionaries here in ELM I suppose. But all
is well- this week will be crazy though.

I am glad to hear that grandma and grandpa are doing ok. That is rough
that they can't bend or lift anything though. Also, glad to hear that
Dad came through and send you the roses. Job well done Dad. Man, the
kids sound like they are just tearing it up and rocking everything!!
They're making me feel like I was such a loser in highschool... All I
did was mess around with my friends and do stupid things all the time.
It is so amazing to hear all the good things you are each up to
though. Keep taking opportunities to grow and increase in your faith!
You will need the experience one day. I love you all so much. Have a
fantastic week!

Elder Jensen

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