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Week 20--October 12, 2015

Week 20--October 12, 2015

Hey fam! I really messed up this week and don't have any time to write
which is completely my fault. I was totally planning on writing you
such a long email because so much has happenede that I wanted to tell
you all about. The big news though is that I will be staying in hyde
park 2 for one more transfer! Six more weeks. Which means that in
total I will be here in this ward for 6 months! Elder wood is staying
here too which means I will get to finish training him and then I will
almost definitely leave. Elder Leite, my long time good friend and
zone leader since I arrived, is leaving tomorrow and that will mean
that none of the original elders in our flat when I arrived will be
left. I will miss him dearly but who knows maybe I will serve with him
again in the future! I am looking forward to this next transfer
because I feel as if I need to change something- Part of me wanted to
move because I needed change but this will be an opportunity to change
myself instead of my surroundings. Daniel decided he doesn't want to
be baptised anymore but Khohrow agreed to live the word of wisdom and
brought a friend to one of our lessons who wants to be baptised as
well! We will see if they can change and accept the gospel but I am
praying for all of them. I love you all so so so much. Being a
missionary is a wonderful experience and i am in a place and doing a
job that allows me to come closer and get to know the Saviour in a way
I never would have been able to before and for that I am so grateful.
The spirit is so real and I feel it so often while being a missionary
testifying to strangers about what I believe and whAt is dearest to my
heart. I may not know everything but we never will here in this life,
but when we act on what we do know and take that faith and testimony
that we do have and exercise it, then it starts to grow. I am always
thinking of you all! Thank you so much for your emails they mean the
world to me and I absolutely love reading them!

Elder Jensen

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