Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 51-May 16, 2016

Week 51-May 16, 2016
Primero semana de Nuevo transfer
Good morning to you Californians!

Marcel did not get baptised... He had a family emergency come up so he
rescheduled for the 28th. Should still be fine though.

We taught a man from Portugal named Jose twice this week that I talked
to about two weeks ago and he came to church and is on date to be
baptised on the 25th of June! I am praying he will make it. A lot of
it will come down to the members who speak Portugese fellow shipping
him. We also taught a guy named Matthew twice this week who I talked
to on an exchange a couple of weeks ago but on Saturday he texted me
and said he had prayed aBout the Book of Mormon like we asked him to
but felt his answer was not to change faiths. He's Catholic and he
said he felt it was true as he read last week but that after praying
decided not to go forward anymore. He's 20 and from Nigeria and works
as a barber and he was a cool guy so I was really disappointed and sad
to lose him. I don't think the Spirit gave him his answer- I think he
has other reasons that make him wary of joining our church but
confused those feelings for his answe. Hard to say but I hope in the
future he comes around someday.

Elder withers and I have had a fun week with a lot of work. My
testimony of life being a test grew this week. I feel that the
obedience we show to the first 2 greatest commandments is what will
decide our destiny- how much we love God and how much we love others.
Not often what I think of when I think about obedience but it was a
good lesson to learn.

Anyways, love you all so much. This church is #true so
#keepthecommandments #prosperintheland!

I'm excited to hear about Becca and how that goes! Thanks for all the
emails and pictures this week!!!!!

Elder Jensen

Our new district. Featuring elder withers' and I's new companionship ties 

Just chillin'

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