Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 50-May 9, 2016

Week 50-May 9, 2016
wow it has been so long!
Just kidding its only been two days! 

i dont have a lot of time to email and not a lot to report but some great news....

Elder withers and i are staying together for another transfer here in colchester!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!! im super glad for another 5 weeks (a shorter transfer than usual) with him here. the zone has changed a lot so we are excited to see some great new things and get more energy to do big things here. 

by the way, this is elder chronisters last transfer! holy moley. feels strange to think elder withers and i will hit our one year marks together and then my trainer will go home a year after we were together. awesome news... ELDER OAKS is coming to our mission to speak to us in the beginning of June!!! exciting. 

last week we had MLC and Zone Meeting which both went excellently. it was especially nice to see elder silva and some old friends at MLC and see that theyre doing well. zone meeting went great too. basically in zone meeting we just have a couple of trainings (one done by us and one by the sister training leaders) and then an activity, some accountability stuff for our month and setting goals for the next month, and then we had 4 missionaries in our zone who are going home who bore their testimonies for us. it was great. 

lots of work last week and we are really excited cause it looks like things are picking up in our area. Marcel is getting baptised this Saturday! he has been getting tuaght for a long time- he was almost done being tuaght when we arrived but we are so happy for him. we found a few new people last week to teach and saw two of them today and they both went well. one was a barber from nigeria and another was a middle aged man from Porto Portugal. we need new people to teach in our area very badly so they were miracles!

went out to cambridge again yesterday and worked with the elders there. super fun- its a beautiful city. me and elder walker found a girl from ontario who is studying to be an optomitrest like unlce matt. i told her he liked his job and she was glad hahaha. shes catholic but seems really interested to meet with them this thursday! hopefully that goes well also. i realised i never say much about the people we meet or teach so im going to try to change that so you see a little more about what im doing.

anyways times up but love you all so much!!!! it was truly a wonderful experience to see you all again last sunday. seeing you all fills me with so much joy.

mom, im still thinking of things i could use but i think that im doing great at the moment and i dont need anything. if there is something i need i can usually find it somewhere and just buy it. but i will let you know if there is anything.

love you all so much. have a J-tastic week!!!!!


-elder Jensen

p.s. illl send some pics from my ipad
p.p.s. bishop nicholls in Basildon got released!!! i wouldnt be surprised if he moves to america where his kids are...
The Mission Leadership Council last week! So many of these missionaries are going home the next couple of months. 

Me and elder Muchmore of Wyoming on an exchange sneaking into old chapels 

Our zone last month! It's gunna change a lot tomorrow but yea... 

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