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Week 42-March 14, 2016

Week 42-March 14, 2016

Hi guys! Sorry no time. Just enough to update super quick and answer your questions. I read and loved all of your emails though! Jsquad is the best. I get so happy reading what you all did and how amazing my family members are. I may be proud but I have the best fam. 

First off though, YES Christiana got baptised. It was memorable and special. A wonderful experience.

Now for your questions super quick.

how was your week? hope it was fantastic, can't wait to hear all about
it! how cold is it there? are you still in a car? thats
nice...definitely beats walking around in wet boots all day :P how are
your investigators? any exciting new ones?
My week was good! Lots of crazy ups and downs but it all turned out great. It's pretty cold- usually between 3-10 degrees celcius. It's on the rise though! It was sunny today for the first time in ages! Yup still in a car. Investigators are alright: not that great but doing ok. No exciting new ones this week but we are hoping to find some this week.

Has it been pretty rainy?
This week we actually had a bunch of rain again!! Yay!  I love the rain!  Maybe you are not so happy about it there?
Did Christiana get baptized?? How is Lee and Vladamir and kids? 
I sent you a package yesterday...hope you get it soon...what day of the month do you have MLC or meetings where you can get packages?
No not that rainy lately- however, it does rain pretty frequently but just drizzles on and off. Yea at first the rain was fun but now it sucks hahaha. Still kind of like it though as long as we aren't walking around a ton. Lee is ok: he is waiting to "feel something" so teaching him is helping me learn loads about the Spirit and how I have actually felt things and what I did to feel it. Any ideas? Vlad and his kids are alright, but I don't do much teaching anymore cause my comp does it all in Portugese. Nagaret is the only one in the family working so th ey are having a tough time financially. Thank you so so so much for sending a package! I go into London in the first week of each month for MLC typically. Always the beginning of the month. Sometimes other hints bringn us into London for other reasons though.

I really miss you, Taylor, for many reasons, but one is that without you cutting the lawn, I can’t keep up with all the other stuff.
Not really a question but just wanted to respond. I miss cutting the lawn and I miss you tons  too Dad. Hahahaha Benjamin is getting old enough to start, isn't he? 

Photos/ videos:
Christianas baptism!!! That's my companion Elder Silva by the way I don't think I have sent a pic with him yet. 

A guy from Zambia! From Very close to where Alli started her mission!

Incriminating evidence: Me asleep during studies on a pday (hence the t-shirt) . Shame on me. 

Me and some members of my zone singing for our easter zone conference. (Elder Chronister is the guy in the left facing the camera sitting down by the way) 

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